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# This is a script for deployment which installs the dependencies and uploads
# the site and associated scripts to the production server
# Make sure that _site/ contains the already generated files (jekyll build)
if [ ! -d "./_site" ]; then
echo "_site/ is missing. Run `jekyll build`"
echo "Running specs..."
rspec spec
if [ "$?" != 0 ]; then
echo "Specs failed, aborting deploy."
exit 1
# Install dependencies if missing
echo "Checking dependencies..."
ssh $SITE "rpm -q python-feedparser"
if [ "$?" != 0 ]; then
echo "Installing dependencies..."
ssh $SITE "sudo dnf install -y python-feedparser"
# Install the generated site from _site to /var/www/html
echo "Uploading site from _site/, check that the content is current"
scp -r _site/** $SITE:/var/www/html
# Install the RSS and associated cron job scripts
echo "Uploading scripts..."
scp $SITE:/root
scp $SITE:/etc/cron.hourly
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