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Portfolio+ is a responsive theme for showcasing your photography, art, web sites, or other projects. It also works nicely as a regular blog site. An options panel is included for uploading logos and and changing the layout. There's also support for the image, gallery and quote post formats. Visit the demo site or watch the video screencast for set up instructions.


WordPress projects always stand on the shoulders of others. Please take this theme and build upon it for you own work!

Portfolio was built on the solid foundation of Toolbox.

Development (01.02.2018)

  • Fix: Captions in image blocks now inherit body font color.
  • Update: Move logo and tagline option to "Site Identity" panel in Customizer.

3.9.0 (12.19.2018)

  • Update: WordPress 5.0 Editor support
  • Update: Minor increase in font sizes
  • Fix: Javascript fix for menu detection (props @ogonkov)

3.8.2 (02.27.2016)

  • Fix: Swapped width/height attribute sizes
  • Fix: Enable link hover color style

3.8.1 (02.24.2016)

  • Fix: Updates for templates/portfolio.php
  • Fix: Disable Styles should default to false

3.8.0 (02.20.2016)

  • Update: All options are now in the customizer
  • Update: Remove backward compatibility code for gallery and image markup
  • Fix: Image sizing for templates/portfolio.php and templates/full-width-portfolio.php


  • Fix: External linking of portfolio items fixed


  • Fix: Portfolio Categories template not working full-width


  • Update: Allow functions in portfolio-functions.php to be overridden
  • Fix: Post navigation option
  • Fix: IE Footer Display


  • Update: Grunt task for SASS
  • Update: Refactor CSS
  • Update: Form design
  • Update: Comment design
  • Update: Show the content on search and author archives
  • Update: Allow galleries to fill content width
  • Update: Use SVG for fallback images
  • Update: Slight markup changes for portfolio templates


  • Fix: $content_width now matches max content width
  • Enhancement: Option to open linked portfolio items in new window
  • Update: Better theme updater


  • Fix: IE11 Footer Display


  • Sticky footer
  • Update background color selectors
  • Fix debug error


  • Add captions to image attachment page
  • Posts per page notice fix
  • Remove upgrade routines
  • Refactor RTL styles
  • Fix browser resizing of certain images
  • Fix fullwidth image sizes with full-width-image-gallery-formats template
  • Update class-tgm-plugin-activation library
  • CSS Support for JetPack Sharing


  • Add descriptions to image attachment page


  • Fix for "Portfolio Categories" data caching


  • Add FitVids for better support of responsive video
  • More efficient font loading
  • Minor updates to comment-author and caption styling (props @TomLany)
  • Update for license functions


  • Minor style update for portfolio title overlays
  • Update z-index for drop down menus
  • Better support for 3 level menus
  • Restore post option to hide images
  • Restore post option to link to external url
  • Add "full-width" option for individual posts
  • New template for images


  • Re-enable theme updates
  • Make post format icon a link
  • Update translation file
  • Update for gallery styles
  • Update for table, list and definition styles
  • Enhancements for input styles (props @TomLany)
  • Update to enqueue base stylesheet
  • Remove javascript mod to hide page templates
  • Fix update notice


  • Fix for three tier menu styling
  • Fix for Google font loading from https
  • Remove padding on logo for small screen
  • Hide featured images in blog layout if option is unchecked
  • Display archive titles and descriptions


  • New menu styling
  • Portfolio templates and styles rebuilt
  • Support post formats in portfolio layout
  • Icon font
  • Single column is now 980px
  • Support Jetpack Carousel Module
  • Update gallery shortcode to HTML5 markup
  • Update styling for image captions
  • Option to hide post dates
  • Better support for theme customizer
  • Add options for header/footer border colors


  • Show larger thumbnails on one-column layouts
  • Increase thumbnail sizes on regular layouts
  • Max-width fix for logos in Firefox
  • Show thumbnails on search pages
  • Larger screenshot for WordPress 3.8
  • Compatibility update for Options Framework 1.7


  • Toggle menu inherits menu color (if set by option)
  • Update $content_width on full page templates
  • Improvements for password protected portfolio posts
  • Normalize post meta
  • New portfolioplus_posts_per_page filter


  • Better responsive menu
  • Author page displays posts and author description
  • Option to include bottom navigation on portfolio posts
  • Add metabox on post for featured image display


  • Add fullwidth portfolio thumnail size
  • Max-width for iframe,embeds and objects


  • Fix so portfolio meta boxes work again
  • Put single portfolio navigation back due to multiple requests


  • Fixed minor output error with inline styles
  • Fix styling for archive meta descriptions


  • Fixed bug on portfolio page that caused an error
  • Updated version number for automatic updater


  • Removes theme dependency on Options Framework plugin
  • Show taxonomy descriptions by default (option to turn off)


  • Added box shadows to borders
  • Remove prev/next post navigation on single posts and portfolio items
  • Add borders around post meta
  • Add transient expiration for portfolio category template
  • Add fix for portfolio category template due to Portfolio Post Type upgrade
  • Make the full width layout option max-width 780px
  • Increase width for full size posts to 640px
  • Make "Turn Off Inline Styles" option work correctly


  • Allow licensing screen to be translatable
  • Enqueue infinite scroll on single rather than singular


  • Max-width for logo image
  • Bugfix for portfolio category template
  • Theme supports automatic updates with license key


  • Fix for number of items shown in portfolio taxonomies
  • Update thumbnail sizing (props @alexkunz)
  • Added option to display portfolio category/tag titles


  • Fix for plugin notices
  • Display gallery images in archives
  • Fix for js binding on infinite scroll


  • Fixed bug that caused an error when deleting a portfolio item
  • Updated the metabox function name


  • Bugfix for portfolios with single column layout
  • Template for displaying Portfolio Categories
  • Metabox for portfolio item url


  • Image alignment bug fixes


  • Initial Release


Commercial version of Portfolio Press







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