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{- This file provides a central `Prelude` import for the rest of the library to
use so that the integrity check only needs to be updated in one place
whenever upgrading the interpreter.
This allows the user to provide their own Prelude import using the
`DHALL_PRELUDE` environment variable, like this:
$ export DHALL_PRELUDE=' sha256:...'
Note that overriding the Prelude in this way only works if this repository
is imported locally. Remote imports do not have access to environment
variables and any attempt to import one will fall back to the next available
import. To learn more, read:
This file also provides an import without the integrity check as a slower
fallback if the user is using a different version of the Dhall interpreter.
? sha256:534e4a9e687ba74bfac71b30fc27aa269c0465087ef79bf483e876781602a454
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