Convenient & cross-platform sandboxing C library
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Snaipe exe,elf: fix main symbol resolution
The dynamic symbol table search for main yielded the address of the PLT
stub on clang, which in turn is not used by the entry point. This was
causing Criterion to fork-bomb the user when running test workers, as
they would spawn a new runner every time.

Users are advised to use a check mechanism, like setting an environment
variable, and abort immediately when seeing this environment variable
in the runner's main function.
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A simple, cross-platform sandboxing C library powering Criterion.

Warning: This library is experimental. APIs may change without notice until Beta is hit. Use at your own risk.

BoxFort provides a simple API to run user code in isolated processes.

Although BoxFort provides some kind of security of the parent process from spawned sandboxes, a sandbox has by default the same system permissions and access than its parent, and is hence, without care, ill-fitted for security purposes.

The main goal of this project is not security, but portable code isolation -- if you want complete system isolation, consider using properly configured containers.