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#ifndef _MSC_VER
#pragma error "This header is for Microsoft VC only."
#endif /* _MSC_VER */
/* Make MSVC more pedantic, this is a recommended pragma list
* from _Win32_Programming_ by Rector and Newcomer.
#pragma warning(error:4002) /* too many actual parameters for macro */
#pragma warning(error:4003) /* not enough actual parameters for macro */
#pragma warning(1:4010) /* single-line comment contains line-continuation character */
#pragma warning(error:4013) /* 'function' undefined; assuming extern returning int */
#pragma warning(1:4016) /* no function return type; using int as default */
#pragma warning(error:4020) /* too many actual parameters */
#pragma warning(error:4021) /* too few actual parameters */
#pragma warning(error:4027) /* function declared without formal parameter list */
#pragma warning(error:4029) /* declared formal parameter list different from definition */
#pragma warning(error:4033) /* 'function' must return a value */
#pragma warning(error:4035) /* 'function' : no return value */
#pragma warning(error:4045) /* array bounds overflow */
#pragma warning(error:4047) /* different levels of indirection */
#pragma warning(error:4049) /* terminating line number emission */
#pragma warning(error:4053) /* An expression of type void was used as an operand */
#pragma warning(error:4071) /* no function prototype given */
#pragma warning(disable:4101) /* unreferenced local variable */
#pragma warning(error:4150)
#pragma warning(disable:4244) /* No possible loss of data warnings */
#pragma warning(disable:4305) /* No truncation from int to char warnings */
/* work around Microsoft's premature attempt to deprecate the C-Library */
#pragma warning(disable:4996) /* This function or variable may be unsafe. */
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