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# Written by Luke Brady
# Digital Ascension 2018
# List out the Docker networks installed by default.
docker network list
# Create a new bridge network called test-network.
docker network create test-network
# Deploy some containers and add to test-network.
docker run -it -d --name centos1 centos:latest
docker run -it -d --name centos2 centos:latest
# Attach containers to the created network.
docker network connect test-network centos1
docker network connect test-network centos2
# Inspect the test-network to see that the containers are attached.
docker network inspect test-network
# Attach to a container and ping another containers from within the isolated network.
docker attach centos1
ping <ip_of_other_container>
# Disconnect containers from the test-network.
docker network disconnect test-network centos1
docker network disconnect test-network centos2
# Inspect the network one more time to see that the containers have been removed from the test-network.
docker network inspect test-network
# Remove the network after the containers have been removed.
docker network rm test-network
# List out networks.
docker network list