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Simple projects list created by CDK


  • Agalease - baby store with custom design, special optiomization, erp integration and more
  • Chainbits - premium theme based project about coins news and more (workflow themosis)
  • Beyadaim - custom woocommerce project, modern workflow (bedrock, cdk theme, webpack, carbon, sage basis, laravel mix)
  • Prep - english courses
  • Indan - building company project based Divi theme
  • Sanplast - plastic packaging products, simple design, custom OOP code, ultra fast. Google page speed 100/100, pingdom grade 98% (bedrock, cdk theme, webpack, carbon, sage basis, laravel mix)
  • Adama - rest web project, with modern design, custom code, seo optimization (starter, cdkrock, gulp)
  • Karuna - ecommerce, woo, custom code, clean design, special integrations (bedrock, sage, cdk theme, laravel mix)
  • Itscanadatime-2017 - fast project, with modern blog, seo optimized(bedrock, sage, cdk theme, laravel mix, webpack)
  • KameaDance - custom design, custom code, seo optimization (sage, bedrock, wpml)
  • NaamaNewman - asp to wordpress, custom code, seo optimization (wpml, woo)
  • Terra green - custom design, custom code, catalog (sage, bedcrock, wpml)
  • BurlingtondDigital - simple project based on premium theme, fast development
  • Milkey - corporate website, custom code, optimize and secure (sage, bedrock, webpack)
  • Pay App - custom pay app
  • Doral energy - multilangual project with custom code (Bedrock, sage, wpml)
  • JMenglish - English school in Italia
  • Lazom - multilangual project with custom code (Bedrock, Sage, WPML).
  • PedraJewelry - Custom code project with e-commerce features (Bedrock, Sage, WOO).
  • Swi-pay - Project for credit card company, custom code with external platform integration (Bedrock, Sage, Divi).
  • JewishInteractive - Premium theme with custom overriding (TheFox).
  • Itscanadatime - Premium theme with custom overriding, crm integration, AB testign and more (Avada).
  • Diam Negoce - Simple project based on DIVI 3.0 theme with custom design and pixel perfect up to 95%
  • Burlington Brazil - One of few projects, with custom code, SEO optimization and more (Divi back framework).
  • Loyds&Fischer - Special integration with finance crm (Rest/Web api).
  • Equashield - Medical project with product video presentation, custom code (Divi back framework). - Breeze Animation
  • Behavioreal - startup project on premium theme (TheFox).
  • Medassis - medical trasnportation project with few languages (Divi, WPML).
  • Reforma-Eyewear - glasses shop - redesign(Redesigns).
  • Tripled Experience - Photo kit for diamonds (Premium theme).
  • LDC Italian Hotels - few projects in one, with massive multilaguages, custom desgin (Bedrock, Sage, Support).
  • Ed-Vantage - Custom code project for startup(Bedrock).
  • Chapel - Simple and clean project for clock concept selling, custom code (Woo)

Our Clients

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Web apps

  • Otolase - video app with custom navigation, gif preview, ipad support. - Breeze Animation
  • Bermad - big app with video player, 360 3d models, few color versions - IR, FP, BC. - Breeze Animation
  • Shamir Imagine - app with custom campaigns, video players, svg masks. - Breeze Animation

Old projects

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Landing pages

In Progress

  • agalease
  • blf and bap projects - custom landing pages with special AFF integration
  • woman toys ecommerce project
  • burlington