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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
Measures MWE and noun/verb supersense labeling performance for the DiMSUM 2016 shared task
<>. The MWE and supersense evaluation measures
follow Schneider et al., NAACL-HLT 2015 <>:
P_MWE = #(valid MWE links)/#(predicted MWE links)
R_MWE = #(valid MWE links)/#(gold MWE links)
Acc_MWE = #(correct MWE positional tag of {O, B, I, o, b, i})/#(tokens)
P_supersense = #(correct supersenses)/#(predicted supersenses)
R_supersense = #(correct supersenses)/#(gold supersenses)
F_supersense = 2*P_supersense*R_supersense / (P_supersense + R_supersense)
Acc_supersense = #(correct label: supersense or no-supersense)/#(tokens)
where supersenses are matched on the first token of each expression.
In addition, a combined measure is computed by microaveraging the MWE and supersense
scores: i.e.,
P_combined = (#(valid MWE links)+#(correct supersenses))/(#(predicted MWE links)+#(predicted supersenses))
R_combined = (#(valid MWE links)+#(correct supersenses))/(#(gold MWE links)+#(gold supersenses))
F_combined = 2*P_combined*R_combined / (P_combined + R_combined)
Acc_combined = #(correct MWE positional tag and label)/#(tokens)
In addition to these 12 scores, this script produces various other statistics, including
confusion matrices for the supersenses. The code was adapted from and
in AMALGrAM <>.
Usage: ./ [-p] [-C] test.pred [test.pred2 ...]
Arguments are files in the 9-column format. Examples have been provided in
the same directory as this script. 2 file arguments corresponds
to evaluating a single system. With >2 file arguments, multiple systems
are compared (color-coding indicates whether scores are higher or lower
than the first system). Confusion matrices and other details are shown
only for the 2-file scenario.
Optional flags:
-p: Print human-readable gold and predicted analyzed sentences
-C: Do not colorize the output
TODO: macroaverage by domain (using sentence ID)
@author: Nathan Schneider (
@since: 2015-11-07
from __future__ import print_function, division
import json, os, sys, fileinput, codecs, re
from collections import defaultdict, Counter, namedtuple
from tags2sst import readsents, render
class Ratio(object):
Fraction that prints both the ratio and the float value.
fractions.Fraction reduces e.g. 378/399 to 18/19. We want to avoid this.
def __init__(self, numerator, denominator):
self._n = numerator
self._d = denominator
def __float__(self):
return self._n / self._d if self._d!=0 else float('nan')
def __str__(self):
return '{}/{}={:.4f}'.format(self.numeratorS, self.denominatorS, float(self))
__repr__ = __str__
def __add__(self, v):
if v==0:
return self
if isinstance(v,Ratio) and self._d==v._d:
return Ratio(self._n + v._n, self._d)
return float(self)+float(v)
def __mul__(self, v):
return Ratio(self._n * float(v), self._d)
def __truediv__(self, v):
return Ratio(self._n / float(v) if float(v)!=0 else float('nan'), self._d)
__rmul__ = __mul__
def numerator(self):
return self._n
def numeratorS(self):
return ('{:.2f}' if isinstance(self._n, float) else '{}').format(self._n)
def denominator(self):
return self._d
def denominatorS(self):
return ('{:.2f}' if isinstance(self._d, float) else '{}').format(self._d)
def is_tag(t):
return t in {'B','b','O','o','I','i'}
def f1(prec, rec):
return 2*prec*rec/(prec+rec) if prec+rec>0 else float('nan')
RE_TAGGING = re.compile(r'^(O|B(o|b[iīĩ]+|[IĪĨ])*[IĪĨ]+)+$'.decode('utf-8'))
def require_valid_mwe_tagging(tagging, kind='tagging'):
"""Verifies the chunking is valid."""
# check regex
assert RE_TAGGING.match(''.join(tagging).decode('utf-8')),kind+': '+''.join(tagging)
def form_groups(links):
>>> form_groups([(1, 2), (3, 4), (2, 5), (6, 8), (4, 7)])==[{1,2,5},{3,4,7},{6,8}]
groups = []
groupMap = {} # offset -> group containing that offset
for a,b in links:
assert a is not None and b is not None,links
assert b not in groups,'Links not sorted left-to-right: '+repr((a,b))
if a not in groupMap: # start a new group
groupMap[a] = groups[-1]
assert b not in groupMap[a],'Redunant link?: '+repr((a,b))
groupMap[b] = groupMap[a]
return groups
def mweval_sent(sent, ggroups, pgroups, gmwetypes, pmwetypes, stats, indata=None):
# verify the taggings are valid
for k,kind in [(1,'gold'),(2,'pred')]:
tags = zip(*sent)[k]
require_valid_mwe_tagging(tags, kind=kind)
if indata:
gdata, pdata = indata
stats['Gold_#Groups'] += len(gdata["_"])
stats['Gold_#GappyGroups'] += sum(1 for grp in gdata["_"] if max(grp)-min(grp)+1!=len(grp))
if "lemmas" in gdata:
for grp in gdata["_"]:
gmwetypes['_'.join(gdata["lemmas"][i-1] for i in grp)] += 1
stats['Pred_#Groups'] += len(pdata["_"])
stats['Pred_#GappyGroups'] += sum(1 for grp in pdata["_"] if max(grp)-min(grp)+1!=len(grp))
for grp in pdata["_"]:
pmwetypes['_'.join(pdata["lemmas"][i-1] for i in grp)] += 1
glinks, plinks = [], []
g_last_BI, p_last_BI = None, None
g_last_bi, p_last_bi = None, None
for i,(tkn,goldTag,predTag) in enumerate(sent):
if goldTag!=predTag:
stats['incorrect'] += 1
stats['correct'] += 1
if goldTag=='I':
glinks.append((g_last_BI, i))
g_last_BI = i
elif goldTag=='B':
g_last_BI = i
elif goldTag=='i':
glinks.append((g_last_bi, i))
g_last_bi = i
elif goldTag=='b':
g_last_bi = i
if goldTag in {'O','o'}:
stats['gold_Oo'] += 1
if predTag in {'O', 'o'}:
stats['gold_pred_Oo'] += 1
stats['gold_non-Oo'] += 1
if predTag not in {'O', 'o'}:
stats['gold_pred_non-Oo'] += 1
if (goldTag in {'b','i'})==(predTag in {'b','i'}):
stats['gold_pred_non-Oo_in-or-out-of-gap_match'] += 1
if (goldTag in {'B','b'})==(predTag in {'B','b'}):
stats['gold_pred_non-Oo_Bb-v-Ii_match'] += 1
if goldTag in {'I','i'} and predTag in {'I','i'}:
stats['gold_pred_Ii'] += 1
if predTag=='I':
plinks.append((p_last_BI, i))
p_last_BI = i
elif predTag=='B':
p_last_BI = i
elif predTag=='i':
plinks.append((p_last_bi, i))
p_last_bi = i
elif predTag=='b':
p_last_bi = i
glinks1 = [(a,b) for a,b in glinks]
plinks1 = [(a,b) for a,b in plinks]
ggroups1 = [[k-1 for k in g] for g in ggroups]
assert ggroups1==map(sorted, form_groups(glinks1)),('Possible mismatch between gold MWE tags and parent offsets',ggroups1,glinks1)
pgroups1 = [[k-1 for k in g] for g in pgroups]
assert pgroups1==map(sorted, form_groups(plinks1)),('Possible mismatch between predicted MWE tags and parent offsets',pgroups1,plinks1)
# soft matching (in terms of links)
stats['PNumer'] += sum(1 for a,b in plinks1 if any(a in grp and b in grp for grp in ggroups1))
stats['PDenom'] += len(plinks1)
stats['CrossGapPNumer'] += sum((1 if b-a>1 else 0) for a,b in plinks1 if any(a in grp and b in grp for grp in ggroups1))
stats['CrossGapPDenom'] += sum((1 if b-a>1 else 0) for a,b in plinks1)
stats['RNumer'] += sum(1 for a,b in glinks1 if any(a in grp and b in grp for grp in pgroups1))
stats['RDenom'] += len(glinks1)
stats['CrossGapRNumer'] += sum((1 if b-a>1 else 0) for a,b in glinks1 if any(a in grp and b in grp for grp in pgroups1))
stats['CrossGapRDenom'] += sum((1 if b-a>1 else 0) for a,b in glinks1)
# exact matching (in terms of full groups)
stats['ENumer'] += sum(1 for grp in pgroups1 if grp in ggroups1)
stats['EPDenom'] += len(pgroups1)
stats['ERDenom'] += len(ggroups1)
for grp in pgroups1:
gappiness = 'ng' if max(grp)-min(grp)+1==len(grp) else 'g'
stats['Pred_'+gappiness] += 1
def ssteval_sent(sent, glbls, plbls, sststats, conf):
def lbl2pos(lbl): return lbl.split('.')[0].lower() # should be "n" or "v"
sstpositions = set(glbls.keys()+plbls.keys())
sststats['Exact Tag']['nGold'] += len(sent)
sststats['Exact Tag']['tp'] += len(sent) - len(sstpositions)
for k in sstpositions:
g = glbls.get(k)
p = plbls.get(k)
conf[g,p] += 1
if g:
sststats[None]['nGold'] += 1
sststats[lbl2pos(g)]['nGold'] += 1
if p:
sststats[None]['nPred'] += 1
sststats[lbl2pos(p)]['nPred'] += 1
if g==p:
sststats['Exact Tag']['tp'] += 1
sststats[None]['tp'] += 1
sststats[lbl2pos(g)]['tp'] += 1
sststats['Exact Tag']['Acc'] = Ratio(sststats['Exact Tag']['tp'], sststats['Exact Tag']['nGold'])
for x in sststats:
if x!='Exact Tag':
sststats[x]['P'] = Ratio(sststats[x]['tp'], sststats[x]['nPred'])
sststats[x]['R'] = Ratio(sststats[x]['tp'], sststats[x]['nGold'])
sststats[x]['F'] = f1(sststats[x]['P'], sststats[x]['R'])
class Colors(object):
"""Terminal color codes. See"""
RED = '\033[91m'
GREEN = '\033[92m'
ORANGE = '\033[93m'
YELLOW = '\033[33m'
BLUE = '\033[94m'
PINK = '\033[95m'
CYAN = '\033[96m'
WHITE = '\033[97m'
BLACK = '\033[30m'
ENDC = '\033[0m' # end color
BLACKBG = '\033[40m'
WHITEBG = '\033[107m'
class Styles(object):
"""Terminal style codes."""
UNDERLINE = '\033[4m'
NORMAL = '\033[24m' # normal style: not underlined or bold
SPECTRUM = [Colors.BLUE,Colors.CYAN,Colors.GREEN,Colors.YELLOW,Colors.ORANGE,Colors.RED,Colors.PINK]
def relativeColor(a, b):
"""Compare a value (a) to a baseline/reference value (b), and choose
a color depending on which is greater."""
delta = float(a)-float(b)
if delta>0:
return Colors.GREEN
elif delta<0:
return Colors.ORANGE
return Colors.PLAINTEXT
def color_render(*args, **kwargs):
# terminal colors
VERBS = Colors.RED
s = render(*args, **kwargs)
c = WORDS+s.replace('_',MWE+'_'+WORDS)+Colors.PLAINTEXT
c = re.sub(r'(\|v.\w+)', VERBS+r'\1'+WORDS, c) # verb supersenses
c = re.sub(r'(\|n.\w+)', NOUNS+r'\1'+WORDS, c) # noun supersenses
return c
if __name__=='__main__':
args = sys.argv[1:]
printSents = False
while args and args[0].startswith('-'):
if args[0]=='-p': # print sentences to stderr
printSents = True
elif args[0]=='-C': # turn off colors
for c in dir(Colors):
if not c.startswith('_'):
setattr(Colors, c, '')
for s in dir(Styles):
if not s.startswith('_'):
setattr(Styles, s, '')
assert False,'Unexpected option: '+args[0]
args = args[1:]
# set up color defaults
print(Colors.BACKGROUND + Colors.PLAINTEXT, end='')
nToks = 0
goldLblsC = Counter()
sent = []
goldFP = args[0]
predFs = [readsents(fileinput.input(predFP)) for predFP in args[1:]]
statsCs = [Counter() for predFP in args[1:]]
sststatsCs = [defaultdict(Counter) for predF in args[1:]]
gmwetypesCs = [Counter() for predFP in args[1:]] # these will all have the same contents
pmwetypesCs = [Counter() for predFP in args[1:]]
confCs = [Counter() for predFP in args[1:]] # confusion matrix
for sentId,gdata in readsents(fileinput.input(goldFP)):
gtags_mwe = [t.encode('utf-8') for t in gdata["tags"]]
assert all(len(t)<=1 for t in gtags_mwe)
glbls = {k-1: v[1].encode('utf-8') for k,v in gdata["labels"].items()}
for predF,stats,gmwetypes,pmwetypes,sststats,conf in zip(predFs,statsCs,gmwetypesCs,pmwetypesCs,sststatsCs,confCs):
sentId,pdata = next(predF)
ptags_mwe = [t.encode('utf-8') for t in pdata["tags"]]
plbls = {k-1: v[1].encode('utf-8') for k,v in pdata["labels"].items()}
assert all(len(t)<=1 for t in ptags_mwe)
words, poses = zip(*gdata["words"])
assert len(words)==len(gtags_mwe)==len(ptags_mwe)
nToks += len(words)
stats['nFullTagCorrect'] += sum(1 for k in range(len(words)) if gtags_mwe[k]==ptags_mwe[k] and glbls.get(k)==plbls.get(k))
if printSents:
if predFs[0] is predF:
print(color_render(words, gdata["_"], [], {k+1: v for k,v in glbls.items()}), file=sys.stderr)
print(color_render(words, pdata["_"], [], {k+1: v for k,v in plbls.items()}), file=sys.stderr)
mweval_sent(zip(words,gtags_mwe,ptags_mwe), gdata["_"], pdata["_"],
gmwetypes, pmwetypes, stats, indata=(gdata,pdata))
ssteval_sent(words, glbls, plbls, sststats, conf)
except AssertionError as ex:
print(render(words, gdata["_"], []))
print(render(words, pdata["_"], []))
raise ex
# loaded all files and sentences.
gmwetypes = gmwetypesCs[0]
sysprefixes = [('SYS{:0'+str(len(str(len(predFs))))+'} ').format(i+1) if len(predFs)>1 else '' for i in range(len(predFs))]
syspad = ' '*len(sysprefixes[0])
# MWE stats
print(syspad+' P | R | F | EP | ER | EF | Acc | O | non-O | ingap | B vs I')
for stats,conf,pmwetypes,sysprefix in zip(statsCs,confCs,pmwetypesCs,sysprefixes):
fullAcc = Ratio(stats['nFullTagCorrect'], nToks)
nTags = stats['correct']+stats['incorrect']
stats['Acc'] = Ratio(stats['correct'], nTags)
stats['Tag_R_Oo'] = Ratio(stats['gold_pred_Oo'], stats['gold_Oo'])
stats['Tag_R_non-Oo'] = Ratio(stats['gold_pred_non-Oo'], stats['gold_non-Oo'])
stats['Tag_Acc_non-Oo_in-gap'] = Ratio(stats['gold_pred_non-Oo_in-or-out-of-gap_match'], stats['gold_pred_non-Oo'])
stats['Tag_Acc_non-Oo_B-v-I'] = Ratio(stats['gold_pred_non-Oo_Bb-v-Ii_match'], stats['gold_pred_non-Oo'])
stats['Tag_Acc_I_strength'] = Ratio(stats['gold_pred_Ii_strength_match'], stats['gold_pred_Ii'])
stats['P'] = Ratio(stats['PNumer'], stats['PDenom'])
stats['R'] = Ratio(stats['RNumer'], stats['RDenom'])
stats['F'] = f1(stats['P'], stats['R'])
stats['CrossGapP'] = stats['CrossGapPNumer']/stats['CrossGapPDenom'] if stats['CrossGapPDenom']>0 else float('nan')
stats['CrossGapR'] = stats['CrossGapRNumer']/stats['CrossGapRDenom'] if stats['CrossGapRDenom']>0 else float('nan')
stats['EP'] = Ratio(stats['ENumer'], stats['EPDenom'])
stats['ER'] = Ratio(stats['ENumer'], stats['ERDenom'])
stats['EF'] = f1(stats['EP'], stats['ER'])
if gmwetypes:
assert stats['Gold_#Groups']==sum(gmwetypes.values())
stats['Gold_#Types'] = len(gmwetypes)
assert stats['Pred_#Groups']==sum(pmwetypes.values())
stats['Pred_#Types'] = len(pmwetypes)
if len(predFs)==1:
print('mwestats = ', dict(stats), ';', sep='')
print('sststats = ', dict(sststats), ';', sep='')
print('conf = ', dict(conf), ';', sep='')
parts = [(' {1}{0:.2%}'.format(float(stats[x]), relativeColor(stats[x],statsCs[0][x]))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
'{:>7}'.format('' if x.endswith('F') or isinstance(stats[x],(float,int)) else stats[x].numeratorS),
'{:>7}'.format('' if x.endswith('F') or isinstance(stats[x],(float,int)) else stats[x].denominatorS)) for x in ('P', 'R', 'F', 'EP', 'ER', 'EF', 'Acc',
'Tag_R_Oo', 'Tag_R_non-Oo',
'Tag_Acc_non-Oo_in-gap', 'Tag_Acc_non-Oo_B-v-I')]
for j,pp in enumerate(zip(*parts)):
print((sysprefix if j==0 else syspad)+' '.join(pp))
# Supersense stats
if len(predFs)==1:
# supersense confusion matrices
colrs = {'n.': Colors.RED, 'v.': Colors.BLUE}
fmts = {'n.': str.upper, 'v.': str.lower}
for d,d2 in (('n.','v.'),('v.','n.')):
matrix = [['{: >15}'.format('----')+' {:5}'.format(goldLblsC[None] or '')]]
header = [' {}GOLD{} '.format(Styles.UNDERLINE, Styles.NORMAL),' ----']
lbls = [None]
for lbl,n in goldLblsC.most_common():
if lbl.startswith(d):
matrix.append([colrs[d]+'{: >15}'.format(lbl)+Colors.PLAINTEXT+' {:5}'.format(n)])
header.append(' '+colrs[d]+fmts[d](lbl[2:])[:4]+Colors.PLAINTEXT)
# cross-POS confusions
gconfsC = Counter([p for (g,p),n in conf.most_common() if g and p and g.startswith(d) for i in range(n)])
for lbl,n in sorted(gconfsC.most_common(), key=lambda (l,lN): not l.startswith(d)):
if lbl not in lbls:
#matrix.append([colrs[d2]+'{: >15}'.format(lbl)+Colors.PLAINTEXT+' {:5}'.format(n)])
header.append(' '+colrs[lbl[:2]]+fmts[lbl[:2]](lbl[2:])[:4]+Colors.PLAINTEXT)
# since this label is for the other part of speech, show as a column (predicted) but not a row (gold)
header.append(' <-- PRED')
# matrix content
if not conf:
print(Colors.RED+'No gold or predicted supersenses found: check that the input is in the right format. Exiting.'+Colors.RED+Colors.ENDC)
nondiag_max = [n for (g,p),n in conf.most_common() if (g is None or g.startswith(d)) and g!=p][0]
for i,g in enumerate(lbls):
if i>=len(matrix): continue
for j,p in enumerate(lbls):
while len(matrix[i])<=j+1:
v = conf[g,p]
#if v>0 or i==j:
# print(v, g,p, int((v-1)/nondiag_max*len(SPECTRUM)), nondiag_max)
colr = SPECTRUM[int((v-1)/nondiag_max*len(SPECTRUM))] if v>0 and i!=j else Colors.PLAINTEXT
matrix[i][j+1] = colr+' {:4}'.format(conf[g,p] or '')+Colors.PLAINTEXT
for ln in matrix:
# supersense scores
print(syspad+' Acc | P | R | F || R: NSST | VSST ')
for sststats,sysprefix in zip(sststatsCs,sysprefixes):
parts = [(' {1}{0:.2%}'.format(float(sststats['Exact Tag']['Acc']), relativeColor(sststats['Exact Tag']['Acc'],sststatsCs[0]['Exact Tag']['Acc']))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
'{:>7}'.format(sststats['Exact Tag']['Acc'].numeratorS),
'{:>7}'.format(sststats['Exact Tag']['Acc'].denominatorS))]
parts += [(' {1}{0:.2%}'.format(float(sststats[None][x]), relativeColor(sststats[None][x],sststatsCs[0][None][x]))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
'{:>7}'.format(sststats[None][x].denominatorS)) for x in ('P', 'R')]
parts += [(' {1}{0:.2%} '.format(float(sststats[None]['F']), relativeColor(sststats[None]['F'],sststatsCs[0][None]['F']))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
' ',
' ')]
parts += [(' {1}{0:.2%}'.format(float(sststats[y]['R']), relativeColor(sststats[y]['R'],sststatsCs[0][y]['R']))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
'{:>7}'.format(sststats[y]['R'].denominatorS)) for y in ('n', 'v')]
for j,pp in enumerate(zip(*parts)):
print((sysprefix if j==0 else syspad)+' '.join(pp))
# combined acc, P, R, F
print(syspad+' Acc | P | R | F ')
cstatsBL = None
for sststats,sysprefix in zip(sststatsCs,sysprefixes):
cstats = Counter()
cstats['Acc'] = fullAcc
cstats['P'] = Ratio(stats['P'].numerator + sststats[None]['P'].numerator,
stats['P'].denominator + sststats[None]['P'].denominator)
cstats['R'] = Ratio(stats['R'].numerator + sststats[None]['R'].numerator,
stats['R'].denominator + sststats[None]['R'].denominator)
cstats['F'] = f1(cstats['P'], cstats['R'])
if cstatsBL is None:
cstatsBL = cstats
parts = [(' {1}{0:.2%}'.format(float(cstats[x]), relativeColor(cstats[x],cstatsBL[x]))+Colors.PLAINTEXT,
'{:>7}'.format('' if x.endswith('F') or isinstance(cstats[x],(float,int)) else cstats[x].numeratorS),
'{:>7}'.format('' if x.endswith('F') or isinstance(cstats[x],(float,int)) else cstats[x].denominatorS)) for x in ('Acc', 'P', 'R', 'F')]
for j,pp in enumerate(zip(*parts)):
print((sysprefix if j==0 else syspad)+' '.join(pp))
if len(predFs)==1:
print(re.sub(r'=([^=]+)$', '='+Colors.YELLOW+r'\1'+Colors.PLAINTEXT, 'MWEs: P={stats[P]} R={stats[R]} F={f:.2%}'.format(stats=stats, f=float(stats['F']))))
print(re.sub(r'=([^=]+)$', '='+Colors.PINK+r'\1'+Colors.PLAINTEXT, 'Supersenses: P={stats[P]} R={stats[R]} F={f:.2%}'.format(stats=sststats[None], f=float(sststats[None]['F']))))
print(re.sub(r'=([^=]+)$', '='+Colors.GREEN+r'\1'+Colors.PLAINTEXT, 'Combined: Acc={stats[Acc]} P={stats[P]} R={stats[R]} F={f:.2%}'.format(stats=cstats, f=float(cstats['F']))))
# restore the terminal's default colors
print(Colors.ENDC, end='')