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Divi Project

Proof of Stake / Masternode blockchain project making cryptocurrency easier to transact, store, and earn.


  1. Divi Divi Public

    Spend, earn, or withdraw digital money in seconds with Divi.

    C++ 76 48

  2. Divi-Desktop-Public Divi-Desktop-Public Public

    Public, open source development repository for the Divi Desktop Smart Wallet

    TypeScript 7 6

  3. diviscan-api diviscan-api Public

    Server-side apis for the diviscan blockchain explorer

    JavaScript 3 3

  4. divi-smart-node divi-smart-node Public

    Get a Divi core node up and running on a Raspberry Pi device in a flash (pun intended)


  5. lnd lnd Public

    Forked from lightningnetwork/lnd

    Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️


  6. atomic-swaps atomic-swaps Public

    ♻️ Decentralized, peer-to-peer, cross-chain swaps simplified into 1 API request.

    Go 2 4


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