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Fixed #17685 - Typo in BaseDateListView.get_dated_items(); thanks ejb.

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timgraham committed Feb 18, 2012
1 parent 7dd0ceb commit 25a68c65749d16019988bbb7a96b5e8efdb591f6
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@@ -794,11 +794,11 @@ BaseDateListView
.. method:: get_dated_items():
- Returns a 3-tuple containing (``date_list``, ``latest``,
+ Returns a 3-tuple containing (``date_list``, ``object_list``,
``date_list`` is the list of dates for which data is available.
- ``object_list`` is the list of objects ``extra_context`` is a
+ ``object_list`` is the list of objects. ``extra_context`` is a
dictionary of context data that will be added to any context data
provided by the

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