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Fixed #7609 -- Noted in the model fields reference documentation that…

… `PositiveIntegerField` accepts the value 0 for backwards-compatibility reasons. Thanks to everyone involved in the resolution of this issue, including Paul Collins for the patch.

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1 parent c58e572 commit 406f9d1fa0424e9861c2d20a1001dbf4e29d4c9c @jphalip jphalip committed Oct 13, 2011
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@@ -805,7 +805,8 @@ this as a ``<select>`` box with "Unknown", "Yes" and "No" choices.
.. class:: PositiveIntegerField([**options])
-Like an :class:`IntegerField`, but must be positive.
+Like an :class:`IntegerField`, but must be either positive or zero (`0`).
+The value `0` is accepted for backward compatibility reasons.

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