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Fixed #7785 -- Added a note in the contenttypes documentation that G…

…enericRelations must share a common field type for primary keys. Thanks to Rudolph for the suggestion and initial draft.

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@@ -205,6 +205,11 @@ model. There are three parts to setting up a ``GenericForeignKey``:
models you'll be relating to. (For most models, this means an
``IntegerField`` or ``PositiveIntegerField``.)
+ This field must be of the same type as the primary key of the models
+ that will be involved in the generic relation. For example, if you use
+ ``IntegerField``, you won't be able to form a generic relation with a
+ model that uses a ``CharField`` as a primary key.
3. Give your model a ``GenericForeignKey``, and pass it the names of
the two fields described above. If these fields are named
"content_type" and "object_id", you can omit this -- those are the

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