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Fixed #7181 -- when ordering by a potentially NULL field, use a left…

…-outer join

so that the ordering doesn't accidentally restrict the result set.

(Ironically, one existing test actually showed this problem, but I was too
dumb to notice the result was incorrect.)

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malcolmt committed Jun 26, 2008
1 parent e41df5a commit ba015e0a79f6e51a2253fb0b95c9a68acb2d6090
Showing with 11 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −0 django/db/models/sql/
  2. +7 −1 tests/regressiontests/queries/
@@ -610,6 +610,10 @@ def find_ordering_name(self, name, opts, alias=None, default_order='ASC',
alias = joins[-1]
col = target.column
+ # Must use left outer joins for nullable fields.
+ for join in joins:
+ self.promote_alias(join)
# If we get to this point and the field is a relation to another model,
# append the default ordering for that model.
if field.rel and len(joins) > 1 and opts.ordering:
@@ -499,7 +499,7 @@ class Child(models.Model):
# Ordering by a many-valued attribute (e.g. a many-to-many or reverse
# ForeignKey) is legal, but the results might not make sense. That isn't
# Django's problem. Garbage in, garbage out.
->>> Item.objects.all().order_by('tags', 'id')
+>>> Item.objects.filter(tags__isnull=False).order_by('tags', 'id')
[<Item: one>, <Item: two>, <Item: one>, <Item: two>, <Item: four>]
# If we replace the default ordering, Django adjusts the required tables
@@ -762,5 +762,11 @@ class Child(models.Model):
>>> Tag.objects.exclude(
[<Tag: t1>, <Tag: t4>, <Tag: t5>]
+Bug #7181 -- ordering by related tables should accomodate nullable fields (this
+test is a little tricky, since NULL ordering is database dependent. Instead, we
+just count the number of results).
+>>> len(Tag.objects.order_by('parent__name'))

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