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Fixed #15328 -- Corrected an example in the CBV docs and added a note…

… about the parameters passed by method_deorator to the method on the class. Thanks to airstrike for the report and lrekucki for the correction.

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1 parent fe11100 commit e06dfda91862d8c5015b0036c59d829359ed7f7b Gabriel Hurley committed Feb 18, 2011
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@@ -605,8 +605,15 @@ that it can be used on an instance method. For example::
template_name = 'secret.html'
- def dispatch(self, **kwargs):
+ def dispatch(self, *args, **kwargs):
return super(ProtectedView, self).dispatch(**kwargs)
-In this example, every instance of :class:`ProtectedView` will have
+In this example, every instance of ``ProtectedView`` will have
login protection.
+.. note::
+ ``method_decorator`` passes ``*args`` and ``**kwargs``
+ as parameters to the decorated method on the class. If your method
+ does not accept a compatible set of parameters it will raise a
+ ``TypeError`` exception.

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