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User login, billing, access control as part of a session proxy
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DjaoDjin subscriber session proxy

This repository contains the code for DjaoDjin subscription-based session proxy. To learn more visit DjaoDjin's Website.

The session proxy is built on Django, Vue.js, Bootstrap4 frameworks and many more Open Source projects. Thank you for the support!

It integrates

Tested with

  • Python: 2.7, Django: 1.11.20 (LTS), Django Rest Framework: 3.8.2
  • Python: 3.6, Django: 1.11.20 (LTS), Django Rest Framework: 3.8.2
  • Python: 3.6, Django: 2.1.7 (latest), Django Rest Framework: 3.8.2


First you will need to create a workspace environment, downlaod the 3rd party vendor prerequisite packages and build the static assets.

    $ virtualenv installTop
    $ source installTop/bin/activate
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
    $ make install-conf
    $ make build-assets

At this point, all the 3rd party vendor prerequisite packages (Python and Javascript) have been downloaded and installed in the environment. You now need to add your STRIPE keys to the configuration file (i.e. installTop/etc/djaoapp/credentials).

    $ diff -u installTop/etc/djaoapp/credentials
    # Authentication with payment provider
    -STRIPE_PUB_KEY = ""
    +STRIPE_CLIENT_ID = "your-stripe-client-id"
    +STRIPE_PUB_KEY = "your-stripe-production-public-key"
    +STRIPE_PRIV_KEY = "your-stripe-production-private-key"

    # Authentication with payment provider (test keys)
    +STRIPE_TEST_CLIENT_ID = "your-stripe-client-id"
    +STRIPE_TEST_PUB_KEY = "your-stripe-test-public-key"
    +STRIPE_TEST_PRIV_KEY = "your-stripe-test-private-key"

Then create the database, and start the built-in webserver

$ python migrate --run-syncdb
$ python createsuperuser
$ python runserver


You will want to toggle DEBUG on in the site.conf file.

    $ diff -u installTop/etc/djaoapp/site.conf
    -DEBUG = False
    +DEBUG = True

    # Create the tests databases and load test datasets.
    $ make initdb

    # To generate some sample data, disable emailing of receipts and run:
    $ python load_test_transactions

Templates Search Path

When a rules.App exists, templates will be first searched for in templates/project_name, then in templates/project_repo, then the default will be used.

All CSS present in the default templates must be declared which ever base.html is included.

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