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Rust template engine benchmarks

This repo tries to assess Rust template engine performance. Following the download ratings from, these nine projects are assessed:

  • write!: the std library write! macro
  • Handlebars: Handlebars templating implemented in Rust
  • Tera: template engine based on Jinja2/Django templates
  • Liquid: the liquid templating language for Rust
  • Askama: type-safe, compiled Jinja-like templates for Rust
  • horrorshow: a templating library written in rust macros
  • ructe: Rust Compiled Templates, efficient type-safe web page templates
  • fomat: alternative syntax for print/write/format-like macros with a small templating language
  • markup: A blazing fast, type-safe template engine for Rust.
  • maud: A Compile-time HTML template engine for Rust.
  • sailfish: Simple, small, and extremely fast template engine for Rust


These results are from 2020-12-22 (rustc 1.48.0), running on an Intel Xeon W-3275M CPU. Your mileage may vary.

As a violin plot generated by Criterion:

Big table violin plot Teams violin plot

Numbers, as output by Criterion:

Big table/Askama        time:   [484.58 us 486.44 us 488.37 us]
Big table/fomat         time:   [262.20 us 263.10 us 264.04 us]
Big table/Handlebars    time:   [12.691 ms 12.733 ms 12.776 ms]
Big table/Horrorshow    time:   [273.87 us 275.10 us 276.42 us]
Big table/Liquid        time:   [15.379 ms 15.432 ms 15.490 ms]
Big table/Markup        time:   [91.338 us 91.795 us 92.267 us]
Big table/Maud          time:   [271.04 us 271.96 us 272.93 us]
Big table/Ructe         time:   [387.36 us 389.06 us 390.86 us]
Big table/Sailfish      time:   [30.327 us 30.451 us 30.591 us]
Big table/Tera          time:   [3.3310 ms 3.3435 ms 3.3555 ms]
Big table/write         time:   [337.27 us 339.34 us 341.40 us]

Teams/Askama            time:   [856.63 ns 858.46 ns 860.38 ns]
Teams/fomat             time:   [484.51 ns 489.05 ns 493.23 ns]
Teams/Handlebars        time:   [11.853 us 11.907 us 11.961 us]
Teams/Horrorshow        time:   [487.49 ns 490.78 ns 494.48 ns]
Teams/Liquid            time:   [12.125 us 12.174 us 12.227 us]
Teams/Markup            time:   [225.04 ns 227.59 ns 229.97 ns]
Teams/Maud              time:   [410.93 ns 413.28 ns 415.67 ns]
Teams/Ructe             time:   [864.70 ns 874.37 ns 884.52 ns]
Teams/Sailfish          time:   [144.05 ns 145.25 ns 146.72 ns]
Teams/Tera              time:   [7.8097 us 7.8556 us 7.9058 us]
Teams/write             time:   [697.02 ns 702.11 ns 708.27 ns]

Running the benchmarks

$ cargo bench

Plots will be rendered if gnuplot is installed and will be available in the target/criterion folder.


Collected benchmarks for templating crates written in Rust



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