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DUB registry

vibe.d logo Online registry for dub packages, see


How to build & run locally


  • OpenSSL
  • MongoDB

Running as a mirror

dub -- --mirror=

GitHub/GitLab API

By default the GitHub/GitLab update cron job will use anonymous authentication on your local machine. As GitHub's API without authentication is quite rate-limited, you probably want to use authenticated API requests. You can do so by creating a settings.json in the root folder of the dub-registry and adding credentials for the needed APIs:

	"github-auth": "<github-personal-access-token from>",
	"gitlab-url": "",
	"gitlab-auth": "<gitlab-api-token from>",
	"bitbucket-user": "<your-fancy-user-name>",
	"bitbucket-password": "<your-fancy-password>"

It's recommended to create a separate account for the DUB registry GitHub authentication. Equally, if no GitLab packages are used in your local repository, no GitLab authentication is needed.

It's absolutely recommended to create a personal access token without any extra permissions for your GitHub account instead of entering your password plain text into the settings file. You can generate an access token at (Settings -> Developer Settings -> Personal access tokens)


Development versions prior to 2.3.0 were leaking the GitLab private token in error messages shown to the user. Please make sure to use the latest version along with a freshly generated token.

Running without the cron job

For local development it's often useful to disable the cron job, you can do so with the --no-monitoring flag:

dub -- --no-monitoring

Importing a one-time snapshot from the registry

You can download a dump of all packages and import it into your local registry for development:

curl | gunzip > mirror.json
dub -- --mirror=mirror.json

Starting the registry with mirror.json will import all packages within the JSON file. Once all packages have been imported, you can start the registry as you normally would:


And you should notice that it now contains all packages which are listed on

Note that --mirror=mirror.json and --mirror= are very similar and the mirror.json is only preferred for local development because it allows to easily nuke the entire mongo database and re-initialize it without needing any connection to the internet.

Deploy your private dub-registry with Docker

The dlangcommunity/dub-registry Docker image is available for an easy setup:

docker run --rm -ti -p 9095:9095 -v $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME:/bitnami -v $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME:/dub dlangcommunity/dub-registry

This will run both mongodb and dub-registry while persisting the database in the $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME location. The registry is accessible at

To run it as a daemon and make it auto-restart use:

docker run -d --restart=always -ti -p 9095:9095 -v $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME:/bitnami -v $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME:/dub dlangcommunity/dub-registry

The registry can be configured by adding the settings.json file in $DUB_REGISTRY_HOME folder.

Staging server

An auto-deployed version of master can be found at