Maintainance/Offline Mode Module for SilverStripe
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SilverStripe Maintenance Mode Module

Maintainance/Offline Mode Module for SilverStripe. Allows an administrator to put site in offline mode with 503 status to display a 'Coming Soon', 'Under Construction' or 'Down for Maintenance' Page to regular visitors, whilst allowing a logged in admin user to browse and make changes to the site.

Maintainer Contacts

  • DL Joseph (Nickname: dljoseph) <darrenleejoseph (at) gmail (dot) com>


  • SilverStripe 3.1

Installation Instructions

Installation can be done either by composer or by manually downloading a release.

Via composer

composer require "thisisbd/silverstripe-maintenance-mode:*"


  1. Download the module from the releases page.
  2. Extract the file (if you are on windows try 7-zip for extracting tar.gz files
  3. Make sure the folder after being extracted is named 'maintenance-mode'
  4. Place this directory in your sites root directory. This is the one with framework and cms in it.
  5. Visit <>/dev/build/?flush to rebuild the database.

Usage Overview

A "Maintenance Mode" checkbox will be added to the SiteConfig Access settings; from there you can activate maintenance mode to take the site offline - and a new Utility Page will be added to the SiteTree in the Pages section of the CMS. You can edit the content of the Utility Page and/or manually override which theme template SilverStripe uses to render the page for display.


To override the default UtilityPage template, add a template called in the templates folder of your theme (above Layouts) and then flush the template cache.

If you wish to use a different template for the UtilityPage, there are no restrictions, simply create a new SilverStripe template file, be sure to place it directly in the templates folder (above Layouts) and visit /?flush to flush the template cache. Afterwards, you must go to the UtilityPage in the CMS and select the manually select the template from the dropdown to tell SilverStripe which template to use to render the page for display.

Redirecting vs. Displaying at any URL

By default, the current functionality is to redirect users to a separate URL which you can configure within the CMS (e.g. /offline/), however it may be useful for you to simply display the maintenance message at any URL that the user may visit (to ensure user does not lose the page that they're currently at, in case maintenance window is very short).

To disable redirects, drop the following lines into your site's config.yaml file:

  DisableRedirect: true

Command Line

You can toggle maintenance mode either on or off via the command line easily by simply running the MaintenanceMode task. For example:

# Via Sake:
sake dev/tasks/MaintenanceMode on

# Via the CLI script directly:
php framework/cli-script.php dev/tasks/MaintenanceMode on

Allowing specific IP addresses

You can configure the module to also allow specific IP addresses pass the maintenance page. To add IP's add the following lines into your site's config.yaml file:

    - ''
    - '::1'

Known Issues

There are no known issues.