Database centric Symfony2 configuration management bundle. Global and per-entity settings supported.
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Bundle for storing configuration with Symfony in database using Doctrine2 ORM.

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  • Easy-to-use (Twig extension, container service)
  • Settings scopes per user, global or all
  • Settings validation by using the Symfony Form Component
  • 2 serialization mechanisms: PHP serialize() and JSON (+ you can write your own)
  • Settings caching (PSR-6)
  • Fast and extensible

Quick usage examples

Symfony controller:

// Global settings
$this->get('settings_manager')->set('name', 'foo');
$this->get('settings_manager')->get('name'); // returns 'foo'

// User settings
$this->get('settings_manager')->get('name', $user); // returns global 'foo'
$this->get('settings_manager')->set('name', 'bar', $user);
$this->get('settings_manager')->get('name', $user); // returns 'bar'

Twig template:

{# Global setting #}
{{ get_setting('some_setting') }} {# => 'value' #}

{# User setting #}
{{ get_setting('some_user_setting', app.user) }} {# => 'value' #}

See the general usage documentation for more examples.


Changelog, Roadmap and contribution

Please, do not hesitate to report bugs or send pull requests. It will help to motivate me to support library better than anything else :)

See for all major changes.

Upgrade from 1.0.*

Make sure to read the to successfully migrate your application.


The MIT License. For the full text of license, please, see LICENSE