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Implement a state-based sync

Dnote no longer keeps track of user actions to synchronize data across multiple clients. Instead, synchronization was re-implemented to use the server state as the source of truth and replicate the server state to clients.

@sungwoncho sungwoncho released this Aug 26, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

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view command

  • Add view command to replace ls and cat.
  • Deprecate ls and cat.

This decreases the number of commands to remember and makes it quicker to browse your notes and books. For instance, walking down Dnote structure can be done with a v command without having to type different commands:

# list all books
$ dnote v

# list all notes in js
$ dnote v js

# show content of your note #0 in js
$ dnote v js 0

Sync public status of notes

  • Dnote for web added an ability to share notes by allowing users to toggle link sharing. Dnote CLI syncs the public status of notes.
  • In the next releases, Dnote CLI will be able to edit the public status of notes.