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heka_dashboard_exporter is a very simple application that connects to the heka dashboard and exports the data for Prometheus consumption. Currently, the exporter is hard-coded to consume these heka sub-systems:

  • decoders
  • encoders
  • filters
  • globals
  • outputs

You must enable the DashboardOutput in heka. Also, I recommend setting the interval to be something less than your Prometheus scraping interval.

ticker_interval = 15

Then, start the exporter like this:

./heka_dashboard_exporter -heka.url=""

Prometheus-compatible metrics will be available at

To listen on an alternate port, use the web.listen-address flag:

./heka_dashboard_exporter -heka.url="" -web.listen-address=":9999"

Docker container

If you prefer, you can run the pre-built docker container with the same options as above:

docker run -d -p 9111:9111 dckr/heka_dashboard_exporter -heka.url="http://somehekainstance:4352/data/heka_report.json"