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Compose Project Planning

The Compose Project uses an Open-Source Planning Process to define the Compose Roadmap and the content of each Milestone.

We use a ZenHub board to keep track of specific things we are working on and planning to work on. If you're looking for things to work on, stuff in the backlog is a great place to start.

Project Pages define the goals of each Milestone and identify current progress.

Project Page Target Date Current Sprint Platform Version
Compose 1.7.0 04/07/2016 Docker 1.11.0
Compose 1.6.0 02/04/2016 Docker 1.10.0
Compose 1.5.0 10/29/2015 Docker 1.9.0
Compose 1.4.0 08/11/2015 Docker 1.8.0
Compose 1.3.0 06/18/2015 Docker 1.7.0
Compose 1.2.0 04/16/2015 Docker 1.6.0