@vieux vieux released this Feb 4, 2016 · 930 commits to master since this release

1.1.0 (2016-02-04)


  • Add support for container rescheduling on node failure. (experimental)
  • Use failureCount as a secondary health indicator
  • Add swarm container create retry option
  • Fixed the way soft affinities are handled


  • Support private registry on docker run
  • Expose error and last update time in docker info
  • Sort images by Created
  • Fix error when inspect on unhealthy node
  • Prevent panic in filters when container has no name
  • Add buildtime, kernelversion and experimental to API version
  • Support docker update and new networking related flags in run & network create/connect/disconnect/ls
  • Require --all on docker ps to display containers on unhealthy nodes
  • Retry on docker events EOF

Node Management

  • Add a random delay to avoid synchronized registration at swarm join
  • Use engine connection error to fail engine fast
  • Introduce pending state

Mesos integration

  • Rename slave to agent
  • Upgrade tests to use mesos 0.25
  • Code refactors
  • Improve debug output
  • Enable checkpoint failover in FrameworkInfo
  • Fix timeout when pulling images
  • Add timeout to refuse offers
  • Fix double start issue


  • Fix license grant
  • Documentation update
  • Use discovery from docker/docker
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