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DDC-1373: Map file with specific class #1992

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Jira issue originally created by user armetiz:

Hi there,
AbsractFileDriver is using the filename to know the managed class.

It's a cool feature because it's allow loading on-demand.
The problem is, that the filename must be the name of the Class.

It should be great to be able to manually map XML/YAML File description to a Class, like :
$drivers->addMappingFile ( array ( "filename" => "class", "filename2" => "class2") );

This feature is simple to implement, just add a new array inside AbsractFileDriver to know the mapping.
When using the current method with addPaths, parse the folder to get traditional XML/YAML file where filename corresponding to classname and add it to the mapping array.

AbsractFileDriver->getAllClassNames () just return value of mapping array.
The mapping array is store inside cache.

With this new feature, it allow developers to create a pretty folder that contains entities mapping.



Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:

Updating fix version

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