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DDC-1879: Orphans are neither nulled nor removed when merging a graph of detached entities #2542

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Jira issue originally created by user systho:

When merging a graph of detached entities, the created entitied are created and the updated entities are updated but the non-present entities (which exist in the database but are not in the graph) are neither removed nor have them their association column nullified.

Example :

In my code I have 2 entities : Parent and Child. There is a OneToMany(cascade={"all"}, orphanRemoval=true) relation defined in Parent.

In my database I have a Parent row with an id of 1, which has 3 Children with ids 1,2,3.

When I write the following code, I expect the Parent with id 1 and the Child with id 2 to be updated, a new Child to be created and the Child with id 1 and 3 to be deleted.

$parent = new Parent(); $parent->id = 1  // detached entity
$existing_child = new Child(); $child->id = 2 // detached entity
$new_child = new Child(); // new entity



The objects I expect to be created and updated have the correct behaviour but the old children are not touched, they are still present in the database.


Comment created by @ocramius:

I don't think this is valid. Orphan removal scheduling is handled only when an unit of work is available.

What's the state of $dinner before your example? Can you var_dump it?

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