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DDC-2034: getPartialReference returns partial entities for non existent entities #2712

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Jira issue originally created by user deatheriam:

$variant = $em->getPartialReference('Entity\Variant', -1);
echo $variant->getVariantId();

prints -1. Is it an expected behavior or a bug? Shouldn't a check be made to prevent creating new instances for ids that do not exist?


Comment created by stof:

Well, the purpose of getPartialReference is to return a reference without querying the database. So it cannot know if the id exists.


Comment created by deatheriam:

Ok, in that case a user is responsible for providing a valid id. But what is a use case for such an entity? Can someone give me a real example?


Comment created by @beberlei:

the use case was partially removed by proxy objects now being capable of returning the id without querying.


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