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DolphinDB Release Notes

Release Date : 2019-03-25

Version : 0.94.0

DolphinDB Server

Linux binary | Windows binary

New Features

  • Support streaming connection recovery from network interruption. If there is a network interruption, the system will automatically re-subscribe when the network is reconnected.


  • Send sub tasks between nodes in batch mode, which improves the execution performance of jobs containing large number of sub tasks.
  • Improve the performance of SQL statement with GROUP BY clause which generates a large number of groups.
  • Boost the performance of symbol function and loadText function.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug of function addValuePartition. After adding value partitions to the same database for a large number of times, opening the database may throw an out-of-memory exception.
    (2019-04-01 0.94.2 Linux binary | Windows binary )
  • Subscription to a persisted streaming table may fail when parameter offset is set to -1. This is a bug introduced in version 0.94.0. It did not exist in earlier versions.
    (2019-03-27 0.94.1 Linux binary | Windows binary )

DolphinDB GUI


  • Add new functions and keywords to autocompletion.

DolphinDB Web Management


  • Show query log in reverse chronological order.
  • Add "maxPartitionNumPerQuery" option to the panel of node configuration.

DolphinDB APIs


  • Add C# API for Streaming.

Python API

  • Add encryption of user login info when connecting to the DolphinDB server.
  • The session object can use setInitScript/getInitScript method to specify a script to be executed automatically when reconnecting.

Java API

  • Improve vector reading speed when downloading data.
  • Fixed a bug of java streaming API. On some machines, the ip address of the machine will be incorrectly judged as, resulting in streaming subscribe and unsubscribe failure.

DolphinDB Plugin