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== Title of Presentation ==
An open and affordable USB man in the middle device
== Presenter Names ==
Dominic Spill
== Abstract ==
With the introduction of FaceDancer, there has been a surge of interest in USB
security. USB-mitm is an open framework for the BeagleBone Black to make it
simpler for anyone to monitor, inject or modify data carried over a USB
connection. While the FaceDancer will allow devices to be written on a host
system, we are able to go further and man-in-the-middle connections to existing
devices as well. The BeagleBone Black also enables us to operate at USB 2.0
== Bio ==
Dominic Spill has been building Bluetooth packet sniffers since 2007; he now
works on Ubertooth and Daisho among other communications sniffing projects.
== Detailed Outline ==
- Introduction (5 mins) - We're writing an open source library/framework to
allow the BeagleBone Black to be turned in to a USB sniffer, man in the middle
device and to spoof devices which are not physically present.
- Introducton to the inner workings of USB (5 mins) - A brief and relatively
high level introduction to the way USB connections are established and used by
host systems and peripheral devices.
- Writing devices in software (5 mins) - How your USB on-the-go android phone
can act as both a host and a device, and how these "devices" are built in
software. This will include information about GadgetFS, a filesystem
representation of a USB device that can be accessible from userspace.
- Demo (5 mins) Monitoring a USB connection and modifying the data carried.
This will most likely be a keyboard or an Ubertooth.
- Explanation of the demo (10 mins) - Show how we have used the usb-mitm code to
monitor a connection and interfere with the packets carried, in much the same
way a router can interfere with network connections. This will include some
code samples and a description of the architecture of the tools.
- Demo (5 mins) Remote device / device as a service. Again, this will likely be
an HID device or an Ubertooth.
- Expanation of demo (10 mins) Having one host connect to a USB device and relay
the packets to one or more BeagleBone Black boards over a network will allow
some devices to be shared between hosts. This has implications for security
devices such as software protection dongles.
- Code release (5 mins) - The framework is being developed under the GPLv3
license and is already available to anyone who is interested
( If accepted, this talk would be the
first time it has been shown to an audience of security professionals. We are
also hopeful that it will be compatible with some of the existing FaceDancer
tools before ShmooCon.
- Questions (5 minutes)
== List of other conferences ==
This work has not been presented at or submitted to any other conference.
== Why is this a good fit for ShmooCon ==
I think that this talk would be an excellent fit for the "Build It" track as we
are developing a framework to allow USB connections to be sniffed, injected
and generally interfered with by a researcher using a $45 Linux system.
Alongside projects like Daisho and FaceDancer, this will allow anyone to
investigate the security of USB devices, while the cost of the hardware will
also significantly lower the barrier to entry.
== Previous experience ==
I have presented at ShmooCon V as well as a range of other security cons,
including DefCon, BlackHat, Kiwicon and Troopers.
== Proceedings ==
Yes, I would be happy to write an article on the usb-mitm framework and its uses
in the field of security research.
== List of facilities requested ==