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Technology for teaching IoT and aerospace related topics.

Check out these pinned repositories:

  • xChips: A list of the various hardware modules, also called xChips.
  • Firmware: A repository - currently only the compiled binary - with the standard developed firmware for our starter kit.
  • Flashing: A guide how to load our Firmware onto our cores, aka MCUs (micro controller units)
  • technology: A one-pager with a breakdown of the hardware design.

There are also these repositories:

  • xxx: A repository for each xChip, identified by their 3 letter name. See xChips to learn their names.
  • search for 'CAM' to see a repository using a camera on the extended core.
  • or just browse the list of all the repositories, to get an understanding of the eco system.



  1. xChips xChips Public

    List of xChips


  2. Firmware Firmware Public


    1 1

  3. Flashing Flashing Public

    This repository describes how firmware is flashed to our cores.

    Shell 1

  4. technology technology Public

    Please find system wide description of the technology used including description of the interfaces/connectors utilized.



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