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Technology for teaching IoT and aerospace related topics.

Check out these pinned repositories:

  • xChips: A list of the various hardware modules, also called xChips.
  • Firmware: A repository - currently only the compiled binary - with the standard developed firmware for our starter kit.
  • Flashing: A guide how to load our Firmware onto our cores, aka MCUs (micro controller units)
  • technology: A one-pager with a breakdown of the hardware design.

There are also these repositories:

  • xxx: A repository for each xChip, identified by their 3 letter name. See xChips to learn their names.
  • search for 'CAM' to see a repository using a camera on the extended core.
  • or just browse the list of all the repositories, to get an understanding of the eco system.



  1. xChips xChips Public

    List of xChips

  2. Firmware Firmware Public



  3. Flashing Flashing Public

    This repository describes how firmware is flashed to our cores.


  4. technology technology Public

    Please find system wide description of the technology used including description of the interfaces/connectors utilized.


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