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Contributions are welcome!

Please carefully read this page to make the code review process go as smoothly as possible and to maximize the likelihood of your contribution being merged.

Bug Reports

For bug reports or requests submit an issue.

Pull Requests

The preferred way to contribute is to fork the main repository on GitHub.

  1. Fork the main repository. Click on the 'Fork' button near the top of the page. This creates a copy of the code under your account on the GitHub server.

  2. Clone this copy to your local disk:

    $ git clone
    $ cd haxor-news
  3. Create a branch to hold your changes and start making changes. Don't work in the master branch!

    $ git checkout -b my-feature
  4. Work on this copy on your computer using Git to do the version control. When you're done editing, run the following to record your changes in Git:

    $ git add modified_files
    $ git commit
  5. Push your changes to GitHub with:

    $ git push -u origin my-feature
  6. Finally, go to the web page of your fork of the haxor-news repo and click 'Pull Request' to send your changes for review.

GitHub Pull Requests Docs

If you are not familiar with pull requests, review the pull request docs.

Code Quality

Ensure your pull request satisfies all of the following, where applicable:

Review the following style guide.

Run code checks and fix any issues:

$ scripts/


Refer to the Installation and Developer Installation sections.