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Ref Local Reassignment

In C# 7.2, we add support for rebinding the referent of a ref local variable or a ref parameter.

We add the following to the set of assignment_operators.

    : '=' 'ref'

The =ref operator is called the ref assignment operator. It is not a compound assignment operator. The left operand must be an expression that binds to a ref local variable, a ref parameter (other than this), or an out parameter. The right operand must be an expression that yields an lvalue designating a value of the same type as the left operand.

The right operand must be definitely assigned at the point of the ref assignment.

When the left operand binds to an out parameter, it is an error if that out parameter has not been definitely assigned at the beginning of the ref assignment operator.

If the left operand is a writeable ref (i.e. it designates anything other than a ref readonly local or in parameter), then the right operand must be a writeable lvalue.

The ref assignment operator yields an lvalue of the assigned type. It is writeable if the left operand is writeable (i.e. not ref readonly or in).

The safety rules for this operator are:

  • For a ref reassignment e1 = ref e2, the ref-safe-to-escape of e2 must be at least as wide a scope as the ref-safe-to-escape of e1.

Where ref-safe-to-escape is defined in