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Community Samples

This is an ever-evolving page where samples and content from the ML.NET community are highlighted, so anyone in the community can also take advantage of these additional samples.

However, note that Microsoft does not maintain the samples in the list below.

Name Description ML Tasks or area of focus API status Owner
Photo-Search Sample WPF app running an ONNX model which was previously built with Keras and exported to ONNX model format. Deep Learning, Image classification ML.NET v0.9 and .NET Core 3.0 Kudos for Tak-Au
ML.NET Custom Transform Show a custom transform implementation in ML.NET Transform Updated to ML.NET v0.9 Kudos for endintiers
Additional ML.NET Demos Multiple additional ML.NET demos/samples Multiple ML tasks ML.NET v1.0 Kudos for jeffprosise
VB.NET samples for ML.NET VB.NET samples, similar to some of the Getting Started samples, but implemented with VB.NET Most in ML.NET Updated to ML.NET v0.9 Kudos for Nukepayload2
ML.NET in visual desktop UWP app Demonstrates how to use ML.NET to implement some Machine Learning use cases in UWP. Blog Post here Multiple ML tasks ML.NET v1.0-preview Kudos for @diederikkrols
Multi-Output Regression with ML.NET & TensorFlow Multi-Output Regression with ML.Net and TensorFlow Regression with TF Updated to ML.NET v0.9 Kudos for zeahmed
DataFrame for ML.NET It implements a subsample of pandas's dataframes API, on top of ML.NET Data wrangling TBD Xavier Dupré xadupre [MSFT]
Beer-ML Demo project uses Systembolaget (government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden) database for four types of ML Tasks Binary Classification, Multi-Class Classification, Regression, Clustering ML.NET v1.0.0-preview Alexander Dragunov, adrag239
Simple Linear Regression Predicts salary based off years of experience. Regression Uses Static API. Needs to migrate to Dynamic API Jon Wood, jwood803
ONNX model scoring Apache MXNet MLP model exported to ONNX and used in ML.NET Regression Cosmin Catalin, cosmincatalin
IRIS Flowers Classifier - UWP APP IRIS Flower Species Prediction Multiclass Classification ML.Net 1.0.0 Paula Scholz,PaulaScholz
Taco vs Burrito Image Classifier Taco vs Burrito Image Classifier Image Classification using TensorFlow -Transfer Learning 1.0.0 Seth Juarez,sethjuarez

Chinese Samples

Name Description ML Tasks or area of focus API status Owner
Chemical Molecular Data Format Demonstrates how to use the ML.NET to predict chemical molecular data format. Multi-Class classification ML.NET v0.10 and .NET framework 4.6.1 Kudos for Chen Qing Yang
Other ML.Net Samples Consists of list of ML.NET samples in Chinese similar to ML.NET Samples in English ML Tasks similar to taks in ML.NET Samples ML.NET v0.7 Kudos for feiyun0112

Do you have any cool ML.NET sample that you'd like to share with the community? If so, add it to the following issue and eventually, it'll be showcased in this page.

Thanks for your contribution! :)

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