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% this will allow us to load the Erlson rebar plugin during this build (e.g. for
% running EUnit)
{lib_dirs, [".."]}.
{rebar_plugins, [erlson_rebar_plugin]}.
% version of the extended Erlang parser that generates Erlson at parse time
{sub_dirs, ["shell"]}.
{post_hooks, [
{compile, "cp shell/ebin/erl_parse.beam ebin/erl_parse_shell.beam"}
{erl_opts, [fail_on_warning, debug_info]}.
% setting cover_enabled to false. Otherwise, the following error will be
% generated:
% % Can't load module that resides in sticky dir
% ERROR: Cover failed to compile any modules; aborting.
{cover_enabled, false}.
% [
% % we need Mochiweb for mochijson2
% {mochiweb, "", {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}
% ]}.
% vim:ft=erlang