Tools to keep a local music library tidy, optionally by using metadata from Spotify.
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This is a set of tools to keep a local music library "coordinated" and organized. Coordinate_music can:

  • check for, and automatically correct, consistency between filename, ID3 tag, and Spotify's metadata.
  • check that every directory is structured correctly (by genre, artist, and album name).
  • create .url files that play a specific song in Spotify Desktop.
  • create links between local music and tracks on Spotify, stored in the "website" tag.
  • create a utf-8 text file summary of all filenames and tags.


  1. Install Python, either Python 2.7+ or 3.5+
  2. Install Mutagen (pip install mutagen)
  3. Install Spotipy (pip install spotipy)
  4. Copy to,
  5. Run, it will interactively ask what to do next

Optional: the C++ program wavcut can split wav files based on a list of approximate song lengths in seconds.

Optional: on Windows, you can install pywinauto to enable the "type into Spotify window" feature.

Tests pass on Linux (latest Linux Mint) and Windows 7+.

Other Features and Details

  • add tracks to/remove tracks from Spotify playlist
  • view Spotify playlist
  • create Spotify playlist from directory of mp3s
  • save a Spotify playlist to text file of song names and lengths.
  • rename audio files in a directory based on a text file of song names.
  • set tags automatically based on filename and path, see directory structure
  • while running the Python script, type "BRK" to interrupt the current operation and view the current directory.
  • save disk space by replacing audio files with .url files linking to Spotify (only if the user approves, and if Spotify's "popularity" data indicates high popularity for the song).


Here's what it looks like to create a link between a local audio file and a track on Spotify:

Demo search by track

Here's what it looks like to create links, an album at a time:

Demo search by album