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Heatmap layer for leaflet using CSS radial gradients and divIcon class
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Leaflet divHeatmap Layer

Lightweight implementation of an heatmap layer for leaflet using CSS3 and divIcon


var divHeatmapLayer = new L.DivHeatmapLayer();


    clickable: true or false, // divHeatmapLayer.on('click',function() {...});
    radius: 100,
    gradient: true or false, // Make solid blobs
    color: '255,0,0' or '#FF0000'



Loads an array of data points:

var data = [


Returns the dataset in the heatmap.


Clears all the data.


Load a new dataset performing a fadeOut on the old data and a fadeIn on the new data.


Loads an array of data points fading.


Removes the current data making it fade out.

To Do

  • Callbacks for animations
  • Support for CSS animations
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