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##Main Settings
botname = "DeltaQuadBot"
##Default System Path
winpath = "C:\\pywikipedia\\"#Windows path for pywikipedia, need "\\" for folder switch
linuxpath = "/data/project/deltaquad-bots/pywikipedia/pywikipedia"
#Onwiki paths
waitlist = "User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Wait"
gopage = "User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Run"
timepage = "User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Time"
settings = "User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Settings"
blacklist = 'User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Blacklist'
whitelist = 'User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Whitelist'
simlist = 'User:DeltaQuad/UAA/Similar'
postpage = "Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention/Bot"
holdpage = "Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention/Holding pen"
#Runtime edit summarties
primarytaskname = "Task UAA listing"
editsumtime = "[[User:DeltaQuadBot|DeltaQuadBot]] UAA Updating Run Time."
editsumwait = "[[User:DeltaQuadBot|DeltaQuadBot]] Update UAA wait list."
editsumclear = "[[User:DeltaQuadBot|DeltaQuadBot]] UAA Removing blocked users and moving waiting requests."