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A lightweight MVC PHP framework designed for speed and simplicty
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PHPixie is a lightweight PHP MVC framework designed for rapid development, speed and simplicty. By avoiding as much boilerplate code as possible it allows for better understanding of what the framework actually does and amazing performance.

You can learn it in under 30 minutes using this tutorial: Learn PHPixie in 30 minutes.

What to expect:

  • Very Lightweight

    Avoids as much boilerplate as possible to reduce your webserver load.

  • Super Fast

    PHPixie was designed with speed in mind to provide lightning fast performance. source

  • Well documented

    Thorough documentation for the entire application.

  • Rapid development

    PHPixie gets out of the way and lets you write code the way you want.

  • Automagic

    Automating key functions in the framework to facilitate a faster approach to application development.

  • Write your own code

    PHPixie handles the foundation and lets you shape the rest any way you like.

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