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Latest commit 346829d Apr 19, 2016 @chrisboyle chrisboyle committed with kareila Fix #1528: failure to untag shouldn't fail rest of edit but should fa…
…il a tag-add (#1739)

* Remove use of missing string.

* Make warnings on successful edits more prominent.

This is consistent with what the beta editor does.

* On tag-edit failure, warn but allow rest of edit.

Previously it would present an error despite having applied *some of*
the rest of the edit, e.g. body but not props/slug.

The change to means if a tag removal is rejected, any tag
additions also don't happen. In principle you could leave out that
change, but it didn't look trivial to make edittags.bml behave
consistently without the change (if you're going to mostly-succeed you
should still end up at the entry page, which we can't easily put a
warning at the top of).

Fixes: #1528

* Be explicit about not adding tags.

* Move warnings higher up edit success page.

* Rephrase tag delete error; list all entry's tags.

* Put tags warning on multiple lines.

* Put multiple add/delete errors on multiple lines.

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