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Latest commit 202db42 May 23, 2016 @zorkian zorkian Merge pull request #1792 from pinterface/overlong-ml-item-codes
Embiggen ml_items.itcode
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cgi-bin Embiggen ml_items.itcode, so certain computed codes actually fit May 22, 2016
doc [#983] move config-local and config-private from doc to etc Sep 9, 2015
etc [#1779] update comments in May 20, 2016
ext Follow Unix conventions for README files Sep 23, 2012
htdocs Merge pull request #1754 from chrisboyle/facebook-swirly-icon-1705 May 21, 2016
logs * import r26.1 livejournal Apr 5, 2008
schemes Make light/lynx mode render better on mobile devices Apr 25, 2016
src Disable hotlinking and searching Apr 12, 2016
styles Merge pull request #1753 from kaberett/bug-5223-css-credit-tmi May 14, 2016
t Merge pull request #1771 from pinterface/Faq-url-method May 21, 2016
temp * import r26.1 livejournal Apr 5, 2008
views Make entry moderation message box auto-scale. May 15, 2016
Build.PL create replacements for Feb 1, 2016 Update with current wiki location Sep 26, 2015
LICENSE Apr 3, 2009 create replacements for Feb 1, 2016
config.rb Add settings for compass compile in prod vs dev Apr 28, 2014

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perl bin/

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