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Change Log

Features implemented / improvements in 3.1dev

  • Extend Server (cipher) preference: always now in wide mode instead of running all ciphers in the end (per default)
  • Improved compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0
  • Renamed PFS/perfect forward secrecy --> FS/forward secrecy
  • Improved mass testing
  • Align better colors of ciphers with standard cipherlists
  • Added several ciphers to colored ciphers
  • Percent output char problem fixed
  • Several display/output fixes
  • BREACH check: list all compression methods and add brotli
  • Test for old winshock vulnerability
  • Test for STARTTLS injection vulnerabilities (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
  • Security fix: DNS input
  • Don't use external pwd anymore
  • STARTTLS: XMPP server support
  • Code improvements to STARTTLS
  • Detect better when no STARTTLS is offered
  • Rating (SSL Labs, not complete)
  • Don't penalize missing trust in rating when CA not in Java store
  • Added support for certificates with EdDSA signatures and public keys
  • --add-ca can also now be a directory with *.pem files
  • Warning of 398 day limit for certificates issued after 2020/9/1
  • Added environment variable for amount of attempts for ssl renegotiation check
  • Added --user-agent argument to support using a custom User Agent
  • Added --overwrite argument to support overwriting output files without warning
  • Headerflag X-XSS-Protection is now labeled as INFO
  • Client simulation runs in wide mode which is even better readable
  • Added --reqheader to support custom headers in HTTP requests
  • Test for support for RFC 8879 certificate compression

Features implemented / improvements in 3.0

  • Full support of TLS 1.3, shows also drafts supported
  • Extended protocol downgrade checks
  • ROBOT check
  • Better TLS extension support
  • Better OpenSSL 1.1.1 and higher versions support as well as LibreSSL >3
  • More robustness for OpenBSD
  • DNS over Proxy and other proxy improvements
  • Decoding of unencrypted BIG IP cookies
  • Initial client certificate support
  • Warning of 825 day limit for certificates issued after 2018/3/1
  • Socket timeouts (--connect-timeout)
  • IDN/IDN2 servername/URI + emoji support, supposed libidn/idn2 is installed and DNS resolver is recent) support
  • Initial support for certificate compression
  • Better JSON output: renamed IDs and findings shorter/better parsable, also includes certificate
  • JSON output now valid also for non-responding servers
  • Testing now per default 370 ciphers
  • Further improving the robustness of TLS sockets (sending and parsing)
  • Support of supplying timeout value for openssl connect -- useful for batch/mass scanning
  • File input for serial or parallel mass testing can be also in nmap grep(p)able (-oG) format
  • LOGJAM: now checking also for DH and FFDHE groups (TLS 1.2)
  • PFS: Display of elliptical curves supported, DH and FFDHE groups (TLS 1.2 + TLS 1.3)
  • Check for session resumption (Ticket, ID)
  • TLS Robustness check GREASE and more
  • Server preference distinguishes between TLS 1.3 and lower protocols
  • Mark TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 as deprecated
  • Does a few startup checks which make later tests easier and faster (determine_optimal_\*())
  • Expect-CT Header Detection
  • --phone-out does certificate revocation checks via OCSP (LDAP+HTTP) and with CRL
  • --phone-out checks whether the private key has been compromised via
  • Missing SAN warning
  • Added support for private CAs
  • Way better handling of connectivity problems (counting those, if threshold exceeded -> bye)
  • Fixed TCP fragmentation
  • Added --ids-friendly switch
  • Exit codes better: 0 for running without error, 1+n for small errors, >240 for major errors.
  • Better error msg suppression (not fully installed OpenSSL)
  • Better parsing of HTTP headers & better output of longer HTTP headers
  • Display more HTTP security headers
  • HTTP Basic Auth support for HTTP header
  • experimental "eTLS" detection
  • Dockerfile and repo @ docker hub with that file (see above)
  • Java Root CA store added
  • Better support for XMPP via STARTTLS & faster
  • Certificate check for to-name in stream of XMPP
  • Support for NNTP and LMTP via STARTTLS, fixes for MySQL and PostgresQL
  • Support for SNI and STARTTLS
  • More robustness for any STARTTLS protocol (fall back to plaintext while in TLS caused problems)
  • Renegotiation checks improved, also no false positive for Node.js anymore
  • Major update of client simulations with self-collected up-to-date data
  • Update of CA certificate stores
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • More travis/CI checks -- still place for improvements
  • Man page reviewed

Features implemented / improvements in 2.9.5

  • Way better coverage of ciphers as most checks are done via bash sockets where ever possible
  • Further tests via TLS sockets and improvements (handshake parsing, completeness, robustness)
  • Testing 359 default ciphers ( -e/-E) with a mixture of sockets and openssl. Same speed as with openssl only but additional ciphers such as post-quantum ciphers, new CHAHA20/POLY1305, CamelliaGCM etc.
  • TLS 1.2 protocol check via sockets in production
  • Finding more TLS extensions via sockets
  • TLS Supported Groups Registry (RFC 7919), key shares extension
  • Non-flat JSON output support
  • File output (CSV, JSON flat, JSON non-flat) supports a minimum severity level (only above supplied level there will be output)
  • Native HTML support instead going through 'aha'
  • LUCKY13 and SWEET32 checks
  • Ticketbleed check
  • LOGJAM: now checking also for known DH parameters
  • Support of supplying timeout value for openssl connect -- useful for batch/mass scanning
  • Parallel mass testing
  • Check for CAA RR
  • Check for OCSP must staple
  • Check for Certificate Transparency
  • Check for session resumption (Ticket, ID)
  • Better formatting of output (indentation)
  • Choice showing the RFC naming scheme only
  • File input for mass testing can be also in nmap grep(p)able (-oG) format
  • Postgres und MySQL STARTTLS support
  • Man page

New in 2.8

  • Trust chain check against certificate stores from Apple (OS), Linux (OS), Microsoft (OS), Mozilla (Firefox Browser), works for openssl >=1.0.1
  • IPv6 (status: 80% working, details see #11
  • works now on servers requiring a x509 certificate for authentication
  • extensive CN <--> hostname check
  • SSL Session ID check
  • Avahi/mDNS based name resolution
  • HTTP2/ALPN protocol check
  • Logging to a file / dir
  • Logging to (flat) JSON + CSV
  • HPKP checks now also for Root, intermediate SPKIs
  • Check for multiple server certificates
  • Browser cipher simulation: what client will connect with which cipher + protocol
  • GOST cipher+certificate improvements
  • Assistance for color-blind users
  • Even more compatibility improvements for FreeBSD, NetBSD, Gentoo, RH-ish, F5 and Cisco systems
  • Considerable speed improvements for each cipher runs (-e/-E)
  • More robust SSLv2 + TLS socket interface
  • separate check for curves
  • OpenSSL 1.1.0 compliant
  • check for DROWN
  • Whole number of bugs squashed

New in 2.6

  • Display matching host key (HPKP)
  • LOGJAM 1: check DHE_EXPORT cipher
  • LOGJAM 2: displays DH(/ECDH) bits in wide mode on negotiated ciphers
  • "wide mode" option for checks like RC4, BEAST. PFS. Displays hexcode, kx, strength, DH bits, RFC name
  • binary directory provides out of the box better binaries (Linux 32+64 Bit, Darwin 64 bit, FreeBSD 64 bit)
  • OS X binaries (@jvehent, new builds: @jpluimers)
  • ARM binary (@f-s)
  • FreeBSD binary
  • TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV check -- thx @JonnyHightower
  • (HTTP) proxy support! Also with sockets -- thx @jnewbigin
  • Extended validation certificate detection
  • Run in default mode through all ciphers at the end of a default run
  • will test multiple IP addresses of one supplied server name in one shot, --ip= restricts it accordingly
  • new mass testing file option --file option where commands are being read from, see
  • TLS time and HTTP time stamps
  • TLS time displayed also for STARTTLS protocols
  • support of sockets for STARTTLS protocols
  • TLS 1.0-1.1 as socket checks per default in production
  • further detection of security relevant headers (reverse proxy, IPv4 addresses), proprietary banners (OWA, Liferay etc.)
  • can scan STARTTLS+XMPP by also supplying the XMPP domain (to-option in XML streams).
  • quite some LibreSSL fixes, still not recommended to use though (see
  • lots of fixes, code improvements, even more robust

Full log @

New in 2.4

  • "only one cmd line option at a time" is completely gone
  • several tuning parameters on the cmd line (only available through environment variables b4): --assuming-http, --ssl-native, --sneaky, --warnings, --color, -- debug, --long
  • certificate information
  • more HTTP header infos (cookies+security headers)
  • protocol check via bash sockets for SSLv2+v3
  • debug handling significantly improved (verbosity/each function leaves files in $TEMPDIR)
  • BEAST check
  • FREAK check
  • check for Secure Client-Initiated Renegotiation
  • lots of cosmetic and maintainability code cleanups
  • bugfixing

Full changelog:

2.2. new features:

  • Works fully under FreeBSD (openssl >=1.0)
  • single cipher check (-x) with pattern of hexcode/cipher
  • check for POODLE SSL
  • HPKP check
  • OCSP stapling
  • GOST and CHACHA20 POLY1305 cipher support
  • service detection (HTTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP)
  • runs now with all colors, b/w screen, no escape codes at all
  • protocol check better
  • job control removes stalling
  • RFC <---> OpenSSL name space mapping of ciphers everywhere
  • includes a lot of fixes

Full changelog @

2.0 major release, new features:

  • SNI
  • STARTTLS fully supported
  • RC4 check
  • (P)FS check
  • SPDY check
  • color codes make more sense now
  • cipher hexcodes are shown
  • tests ciphers per protocol
  • HSTS
  • web and application server banner
  • server preferences
  • TLS server extensions
  • server key size
  • cipher suite mapping from openssl to RFC
  • heartbleed check
  • CCS injection check

Historical releases


  • IPv6 display fix


  • NEW: tested under FreeBSD (works with exception of xxd in CCS)
  • getent now works under Linux and FreeBSD
  • sed -i in hsts sacrificed for compatibility
  • removed query for IP for finishing banner, is now called once in parse_hn_port
  • GOST warning after banner
  • empty build date is not displayed anymore
  • long build date strings minimized
  • FIXED: IPv6 address are displayed again


  • NEW: adding Russian GOST cipher support by providing a config file on the fly
  • adding the compile date of openssl in the banner


  • minor IPv6 fixes


  • NEW: Major rewrite of output functions. Now using printf instead of "echo -e" for BSD and MacOSX compatibility


  • improved IP address stuff


  • minor fixes


  • NEW: working prototype for CCS injection


  • NEW: everywhere also RFC style ciphers -- if the mapping file is found
  • unitary calls to display cipher suites


  • NEW: telnet support for STARTTLS (works only with a patched openssl version) --> not tested (lack of server)


  • NEW: test for BREACH (experimental)


  • BUGFIX: muted too verbose output of which on CentOS/RHEL
  • BUGFIX: muted too verbose output of netcat/nc on CentOS/RHEL+Debian


  • further cleanup
    • starttls now tests allciphers() instead of cipher_per_proto (normal use case makes most sense here)
  • finding mapping-rfc.txt is now a bit smarter
  • preparations for ChaCha20-Poly1305 (would have provided binaries but "openssl s_client -connect" with that ciphersuite fails currently with a handshake error though client and server hello succeeded!)


  • BUGFIX: now really really everywhere testing the IP with supplied name
  • locking out openssl < 0.9.8f, new function called "old_fart" ;-)
  • FEATURE: displaying PTR record of IP
  • FEATURE: displaying further IPv4/IPv6 addresses
  • bit of a cleanup


  • http_header is in total only called once
  • better parsing of default protocol (FIXME shouldn't appear anymore)


  • reduced sleep time for server hello and payload reply (heartbleed)


1.95 (2.0rc3)

  • changed cmdline options for CRIME and renego vuln to uppercase
  • NEW: displays server key size now
  • NEW: displays TLS server extensions (might kill old openssl versions)
  • brown warning if HSTS < 180 days
  • brown warning if SSLv3 is offered as default protocol


  • NEW: prototype of mapping to RFC cipher suite names, needed file mapping-rfc.txt in same dir as of now only used for ' -V'
  • internal renaming: it was supposed to be "cipherlists" instead of "ciphersuites"
  • additional tests for cipherlists DES, 3DES, ADH


  • BUGFIX: removed space in Server banner fixed (at the expense of showing just nothing if Server string is empty)


  • BUGFIX: fixed error of faulty detected empty server string


  • replaced most lcyan to brown (=not really bad but somehow)
  • empty server string better displayed
  • preferred CBC TLS 1.2 cipher is now brown (lucky13)


  • fix for netweaver banner (server is lowercase)
  • no server banner is no disadvantage (color code)


  • reordered! : protocols + cipher come first
  • colorized preferred server preference (e.g. CBC+RC4 is light red now, TLSv1.2 green)
  • SSLv3 is now light cyan
  • NEW: -P|--preference now in help menu
  • light cyan is more appropriate than red for HSTS


  • NEW: prototype for protocol and cipher preference
  • prototype for session ticket


  • changed just the version string to rc1


  • NEW: App banner now production, except 2 liners
  • DEBUG: 1 is now true as everywhere else
  • CRIME+Renego prettier
  • last optical polish for RC4, PFS


  • NEW: appbanner (also 2 lines like
  • less bold because bold headlines as bold should be reserved for emphasize findings
  • tabbed output also for protocols and cipher classes
  • unify neat printing


  • NEW: deprecating openssl version <0.98
  • displaying a warning >= 0.98 < 1.0
  • NEW: neat print also for all ciphers (-E,-e)


  • BUGFIX: results from unit test: logical error in PFS+RC4 fixed
  • headline of -V / PFS+RC4 ciphers unified


  • NEW: output for -V now better (bits separate, spacing improved)


  • output for RC4+PFS now better (with headline, bits separate, spacing improved)
  • both also sorted by encr. strength .. umm ..err bits!


  • order of finding supplied binary extended (first one wins):
    1. use supplied variable $OPENSSL
    2. use "openssl" in same path as
    3. use "openssl.uname -m" in same path as
    4. use anything in system $PATH (return value of "which"


  • STARTTLS options w/o trailing 's' now (easier)
  • commented code for CRIME SPDY
  • issue a warning for openssl < 0.9.7 ( that version won't work anyway probably)


  • -E, -e now sorted by encryption strength (note: it's only encr key length)
  • -V now pretty prints all local ciphers
  • -V now pretty prints all local ciphers matching pattern (plain string, no regex)
  • bugfix: SSLv2 cipher hex codes has 3 bytes!


  • removed legacy code (PROD_REL var)


  • bash was gone!! disaster for Ubuntu, fixed
  • starttls+rc4 check: bottom line was wrong
  • starttls had too much output (certificate) at first a/v check


  • location is now
  • be nice: banner, version, help also works for BSD folks (on dash)
  • bug in server banner fixed
  • sneaky referer and user agent possible


  • Debian 7 fix
  • ident obsoleted


  • removed obsolete GREP
  • output for positive RC4 better


  • workaround for buggy bash (RC4)
  • colors improved
    • blue is now reserved for headline
    • magenta for local probs
    • in RC4 removal of SSL protocol provided by openssl


  • DEBUG in http_headers now as expected


  • HTTP 1.1 header
  • removed in each cipher the proto openssl is returning
  • NEW: cipher_per_proto


  • header parser for openssl
  • HSTS



  • fixed issue while connecting to non-webservers


  • fixed portability issue on Ubuntu


  • ip(v4) address in output, helps to tell different systems apart later on
  • local hostname in output

1.31 (Halloween Release)

  • bugfix: SSLv2 was kind of borken
  • now it works for sure but ssl protocol are kind of ugly

1.30b (25.10.2012)

  • bugfix: TLS 1.1/1.2 may lead to false negatives
  • bugfix: CMDLINE -a/-e was misleading, now similar to help menu

1.3 (10/13/2012)

  • can test now for cipher suites only
  • can test now for protocols suites only
  • tests for tls v1.1/v1.2 of local openssl supports it
  • commandline "all "is rename to "each-cipher"
  • banner when it's done

1.21a (10/4/2012)

  • tests whether openssl has support for zlib compiled so that it avoids a false negative

1.21 (10/4/2012)

  • CRIME support


  • bugfixed release


  • code cleanup
  • showciphers variable introduced: only show ciphers if this is set (it is by default now and there's a comment
  • openssl version + path to it in the banner


  • bugfix (ssl in ssl handshake failure is sometimes too much)
  • date in output
  • autodetection of CVS version removed


  • bugfix 1.18
  • Rearrangement of arguments: URL comes now always last!
  • small code cleanups for readability
  • individual cipher test is now with bold headline, not blue
  • NOPARANOID flag tells whether medium grade ciphers are ok. NOW they are (=<1.17 was paranoid)


  • SSL tests now for renegotiation vulnerability!
  • version detection of
  • program has a banner
  • fixed bug leading to a file named "1"
  • comment for 128Bit ciphers


  • major code cleanups
  • cmd line options: port is now in first argument!!
  • help is more verbose
  • check whether on other server side is ssl server listening
  • https:// can be now supplied also on the command line
  • test all ciphers now
  • new cleanup routine
  • -a does not do standard test afterward, you need to run testssl a second time w/o -a if you want this


  • tests also medium grade ciphers (which you should NOT use)
  • tests now also high grade ciphers which you SHOULD ONLY use
  • switch for more verbose output of cipher for those cryptographically interested . in rows: SSL version, Key eXchange, Authentication, Encryption and Message Authentication Code
  • this is per default enabled (provide otherwise "" as VERB_CLIST)
  • as a courtesy I am providing 64+32 Linux binaries for testing 56 Bit ciphers


  • Hint for howto enable 56 Bit ciphers for testing
  • possible to specify where openssl is (hardcoded, $ENV, last resort: auto)
  • warns if netcat is not there


  • somewhat first released version