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* @anchor modules_anchor
* @defgroup constructs C++ Constructs Used by All Modules
* \brief These are C++ constructs defined by the modules.
* @defgroup constants Constants
* @brief Constants you can change
* @defgroup utils Utils
* @brief The utils directory is for various programs and scripts related
* to code coverage, test suites, style checking, and benchmarking.
* @defgroup core Core
* \brief The "core" module contains:
* - a time management class to hold a time and convert between various time units: ns3::Time
* - a scheduler base class used to implement new simulation event schedulers:
* ns3::Scheduler and ns3::SchedulerFactory
* - a simulator class used to create, schedule and cancel events: ns3::Simulator
* - a Functor class: ns3::Callback
* - an os-independent interface to get access to the elapsed wall clock time: ns3::SystemWallClockMs
* - a class to register regression tests with the test manager: ns3::Test and ns3::TestManager
* - debugging facilities: \ref logging, \ref assert
* - \ref randomvariable
* - a base class for objects which need to support per-instance "attributes" and
* trace sources: ns3::ObjectBase
* - a base class for objects which need to support reference counting
* and dynamic object aggregation: ns3::Object
* - a smart-pointer class ns3::Ptr designed to work together with ns3::Object
* - a configuration class used to set and control all attributes and trace sources
* in a simulation: ns3::Config.