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Price tracker monitors of products and alerts you when prices drop. Supported, shopee,, ... Built with firebase
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Price Track Project (inprogress)

Auto collect, visualize and alert for product items.

Live: or

Home page Home page Home page Home page Raw API


  1. Set up Node.js and the Firebase CLI You'll need a Node.js environment. This project is written with Nodejs 8.x. After that, install the Firebase CLI via npm:

    npm install -g firebase-tools

    To initialize project: Run firebase login to log in via the browser and authenticate the firebase tool.

    Setup packages: cd functions/ && npm install

  2. Go to and create new project.

  3. Setup env variables, copy and modify to

    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.sentry_dsn=
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.cronjob_key=696969
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.apiKey=xxxxxxooooooKMgWKRhUdY91
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.admin_token=xxxxxxxxxx
    firebase functions:config:set
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.gmail_password=xxxxxxxxxx
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.hosting_url=
    firebase functions:config:set pricetrack.accesstrade_deeplink_base=
    firebase functions:config:set

    Run: bash ./

  4. Test in local:

    • Export local configs: firebase functions:config:get > functions/.runtimeconfig.json
    • Start firebase: firebase serve
    • Start hosting local: cd hosting && npm run develop
    • Open UI: http://localhost:8000
  5. Deploy serverless functions and hosting to Firebase

    firebase deploy

    You can also start this project locally via: firebase serve

    All functions will be list at Firebase Dashboard:

    Firebase Dashboard

  6. Test your API

    Add new URL: https://<your-project><your-url>

    Test API

    List: https://<your-project>

    Test API

    Pull data: https://<your-project><your-url>

    Test API

    Query in raw data: https://<your-project><your-url>&fields=datetime,price&limit=100

    Test API

  7. Setup the cronjob for /pullData:

    Cronjob pulling

  8. Check out the UI:

    Home page


Next Step

  • Support for more domain
  • Move worker pullData to Google Scripts to reduce cost.
  • Auto trigger BUY, Add to cart
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