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Revision history for Perl extension Text-Markup.
- Now require HTML::Tagset, since Text::MediawikiFormat seems to need it
but only recommends it.
- Removed all Pod tests from the distribution.
0.17 2012-02-28T04:31:07Z
- Added Asciidoc support.
0.16 2012-02-13T17:23:00Z
- Rest support now uses its own implementation of `rst2html` so that it
can render specialized reST documents, such as Sphinx files, in a more
forgiving way: it preserves the content of unknown directives while not
emulating specialized rendering. Written by Daniele Varrazzo.
- Improved handling of Sphinx directives in Rest output. Most directives
are stripped out, although `function` directives now turn out much
nicer. Props to Daniele Varrazzo for the work on the Rest parser.
- Fixed character encoding issues with the Rest parser.
- Fixed a character encoding issue in the test suite.
0.15 2012-01-13T23:04:16Z
- Changed the parsers to return `undef` if no content was parsed from a
- Added reST support, with thanks to Daniele Varrazzo.
0.14 2011-10-09T17:45:28Z
- Added option processing to the Pod parser. Thanks to Mark Allen for
the pull request.
0.13 2011-05-21T15:33:28
- Fixed broken regular expression in the Pod parser that could eat the
first line of a verbatim block.
0.12 2011-04-04T23:16:12
- Documented that the `file` parameter to `parse()` is required.
- Added MultiMarkdown support.
- Fixed test failure in `t/formats.t` when no supported markup parser is
0.11 2011-02-22T22:41:15
- Added list of supported markups to the README.
- Fixed test failures on Perls earlier than 5.12.
0.10 2011-02-22T19:45:27
- Initial version. Includes parsers for:
+ Markdown
+ MediaWiki
+ Pod
+ Textile
+ Trac