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;;;; restas.asd
;;;; This file is part of the RESTAS library, released under Lisp-LGPL.
;;;; See file COPYING for details.
;;;; Author: Moskvitin Andrey <>
(defsystem restas
:depends-on (#:hunchentoot #:bordeaux-threads #:routes #:alexandria #+swank-archimag #:closer-mop )
((:module "src"
((:file "packages")
(:file "special" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "memoize" :depends-on ("special"))
(:file "errors" :depends-on ("special"))
(:file "render" :depends-on ("special"))
(:file "context" :depends-on ("special"))
(:file "module" :depends-on ("context"))
(:file "pkg-module" :depends-on ("module"))
(:file "route" :depends-on ("pkg-module" "render"))
(:file "decorators" :depends-on ("route"))
(:file "vhost" :depends-on ("special"))
(:file "hunchentoot" :depends-on ("vhost" "module" "memoize" "errors"))))
(:module "slime"
:components ((:file "restas-swank"))
:depends-on ("src"))))
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