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* refactoring, more sanity in inheritance

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Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl committed Nov 7, 2009
1 parent d9bc599 commit 2f3fdf0f017918344d6f9dd2db1ba527ea5f5e70
Showing with 55 additions and 31 deletions.
  1. +55 −31 src/target.lisp
@@ -21,55 +21,79 @@
;; (defun default-actionfn (target modifier)
;; (declare (ignore target modifier)) "")
-(defclass target ()
- ((name :accessor target-name
+;;; evolvable, base target class
+(defclass evolvable ()
+ ((name :accessor name
:initarg :name)
- (dependencies :accessor target-dependencies
+ (dependencies :accessor dependencies
:initarg dependencies
- :initform (list))))
+ :initform nil))
+ (:documentation "Base class for all evolvables"))
-(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((target target) &rest initargs)
+(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((evol evolvable) &rest initargs)
+ "Also register evolvable in the evol *environment*"
(declare (ignore initargs))
- (setf (gethash (internify (target-name target)) *environment*) target))
+ (setf (gethash (internify (name evol)) *environment*) evol))
+(defgeneric evolve (evolvable)
+ (:documentation "Evolve this, whatever that may be"))
-(defclass evolvable (target)
+; (defmethod evolve :before ((evol evolvable))
+; TODO dependencies
+;;; virtual class
+(defclass virtual (evolvable) ()
+ (:documentation "Virtual evolvables exist for the sole purpose of
+beautification through grouping and/or naming by having its dependencies
+(defmethod evolve ((virt virtual)) t)
+;;; definite class
+(defclass definite (evolvable)
((rule :accessor rule
:initarg :rule)
(sourcefn :accessor sourcefn
:initarg :sourcefn
- :initform #'default-sourcefn)))
-(defgeneric evolve (evolvable))
-; (defmethod evolve :before ((evolvable evolvable))
-; TODO dependencies
+ :initform #'default-sourcefn))
+ (:documentation "Definite evolvables define transformation rules and
+computation of their effective input(s) to evolve, possibly from some kind of
-(defclass checkable (target)
- ((check :accessor check
- :initarg :check)))
+;;; checkable class
+(defclass checkable (evolvable)
+ ((check :accessor check
+ :initarg :check))
+ (:documentation "Evolvables derived from checkable provide a means to pre- and
+post-validate their evolution."))
-(defmethod check-exists ((checkable checkable)) nil)
+(defgeneric evolved-p (checkable)
+ (:documentation "Check that given evolution has been evolved properly"))
+(defmethod evolve :around ((evol checkable))
+ (or (exists-p evol)
+ (call-next-method)))
-(defclass evolve-checkable (evolvable checkable) ())
-(defmethod evolve :around ((ef evolve-checkable))
- (when (not (check-exists ef))
- (call-next-method))
- (check-exists ef))
+;;; file class
+(defclass file (definite checkable) ()
+ (:documentation "Files are targets that usually lead to evolution
+of... files. Their existence can easily be checked through their distinct
-(defclass file (evolve-checkable) ())
+(defmethod exists-p ((file file))
+ (file-exists-p (cl-fad:pathname-as-file (name file))))
(defmethod evolve ((file file))
- (run-command (rule file) :target (target-name file) :sourcefn (sourcefn file)))
-(defmethod check-exists ((file file))
- (file-exists-p (cl-fad:pathname-as-file (target-name file))))
+ (run-command (rule file) :target (name file) :sourcefn (sourcefn file)))
-(defmacro deftarget (name &key (actionfn #'(lambda ())) (dependencies nil))
- `(setf (gethash ',name *targets*)
- (defun ,name ()
- (mapc #'funcall ,dependencies)
- (funcall ,actionfn))))
+;;; helpers
+;; (defmacro deftarget (name &key (actionfn #'(lambda ())) (dependencies nil))
+;; `(setf (gethash ',name *targets*)
+;; (defun ,name ()
+;; (mapc #'funcall ,dependencies)
+;; (funcall ,actionfn))))

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