Project to create a Chinese font displaying Hanzi (汉字) characters followed by transliteration/pronunciation (Pīnyīn)
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I'm restarting the project, informations below might not accurate while this message is present.

Font builder to help students of Chinese learn to read faster. In order to do so we created a font that append both the Character (漢字) and the pronociation (pīnyīn).



# install tooling
sudo apt-get install make git
git clone
# install: xsltproc xvfb inkscape php5 bash gawk
make install-requirements

Build font

The process is extremely slow and take ~20 hours due to lack of real CLI support in Inkscape.

make build-font


command time -a -o make build-font


This project use Noto Sans CJK as it support Chinese and is under open licence.