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Putting together Zappa, Brunch w/ Ember, Mongoose and Sockets.

npm install -g brunch

git clone git:// -b coffee

brunch new myapp -s ./ember-brunch/

(or npm install -g brunch git clone ###### npm install . brunch build )

Set up server

In, start our server with zappajs, and serve the public folder with "@use 'static'". We also log a simple message when a client makes a connection.

require('zappajs') ->

  @use 'static'

  @on connection: ->
    console.log 'Hello there! App is now connected.'

The server-side model

Set up 'mongoose' to be our MongoDB adapter, define a Schema and mongoose.model in /server/ :

model = (@app) ->

  @app.mongoose = require 'mongoose'
  @app.db = @app.mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/zapp_ember_database')

  @app.Schema = @app.mongoose.Schema

  @app.ContactSchema = new @app.Schema
    firstName: String
    lastName: String

  @app.Contact = @app.mongoose.model('Contact', @app.ContactSchema)

module.exports = model

Create Model Utility Functions

Removing a user from the database proved to be a little tricky, so we add these helper functions in to make dealing with the database easier.

  modelAdd = (@contact) ->
    newContact = new @app.Contact
    newContact.firstName = @contact.firstName
    newContact.lastName = @contact.lastName,doc) ->
      if err
        console.log err
        return err
        return null

  modelDel = (@q) ->
    @app.Contact.find(@q._id, (err, docs) ->
      doc.remove() for doc in docs

  modelEdit = (@contact) ->
    @app.Contact.findOne(@contact._id, (err, doc) =>
      if err
        console.log err
        doc?.firstName = @contact.firstName
        doc?.lastName = @contact.lastName
        doc?.save((err, doc) ->
          if err
            console.log err

Routing server-side

Ember-data expects the json wrapped in an object with the model name, so we set up our router like so:

  @get '/': ->
    @app.Contact.find({}, (err, docs) =>
      Contacts = {}
      @Contacts = Contacts: docs
      @send @Contacts

Notice we use the fat arrow here so we can retain the value of 'this' in our callback.

Extra Notes

Note: To establish a "connection", on the client side you need some code like:

  <script src="/"></script>
    var socket ='http://localhost');
    if (socket != undefined)
      console.log("Connection established");

An example of finding and logging users:

userB = ->

@app.Contact.findOne({ firstName: user.firstName }, (err, doc) ->

if err

console.log err


console.log doc



An example of finding and deleting users from the database:

@app.Contact.find({ firstName: 'Bob' }, (err, docs) ->

if err

console.log err


for doc in docs




All in

If you leave everything in, instead of using a module, you can do it like:

  mongoose = require 'mongoose'
  db = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/zapp_ember_database')

  Schema = mongoose.Schema

  ContactSchema = new Schema
    firstName: String
    lastName: String

  Contact = mongoose.model('Contact', ContactSchema)

  user = new Contact
  user.firstName = "Bob"
  user.lastName = "Bobkinnick"

  console.log user

  Contact.findOne({ _id: user._id }, (err, doc) ->