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scalaxb installation

scalaxb is tested under Scala 2.11.

Use conscript

Install conscript (cs).

Install scalaxb using it.

$ cs eed3si9n/scalaxb

Install a SNAPSHOT version of scalaxb.

$ cs eed3si9n/scalaxb/x.x.x-SNAPSHOT

Build from source

If you want to build from source, install git.

Download and install simple-build-tool (sbt 0.10).

Grab scalaxb's source and build:

$ git clone git:// scalaxb
$ cd scalaxb

Open build.sbt using your favorite editor, and change the version number to local-SNAPSHOT. This way our Ivy cache won't be confused when the official builds are released.

version := "local-SNAPSHOT",

Build, and publish it locally.

$ sbt "project app" "so publish-local"

Finally, install it using conscript.

$ cs --local eed3si9n/scalaxb/local-SNAPSHOT