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This is Nutrimatic (

To build the source, run "./".  You will need the following installed:
   * Python
   * g++
   * libxml2 (ubuntu: apt-get install libxml2-dev; osx: pip install lxml)
   * libtre (ubuntu: apt-get install libtre-dev; osx: brew install tre)

To do anything useful, you will need to build an index from Wikipedia.

1. Download the latest Wikipedia database dump (this is a ~13GB file!):


2. Extract the text from the articles using Wikipedia Extractor
   (this generates ~12GB of text, and can take several hours!):

     # See
     python enwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.bz2

   This will write many files named text/??/wiki_??.

3. Index the text (this generates ~50GB of data, and can also take hours!):

     find text -type f | xargs cat | bin/make-index wikipedia

   This will write many files named wikipedia.?????.index.
   (You can break this up; run make-index several times with different
   sets of input files, replacing "wikipedia" with unique names each time.)

4. Merge the indexes; I normally do this in two stages:

     for x in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
     do bin/merge-indexes 2 wikipedia.????$x.index wiki-merged.$x.index

     bin/merge-indexes 5 wiki-merged.*.index wiki-merged.index

   There's nothing magical about this appproach with 10 batches, you can use
   any way you like to merge the files. The 2 and 5 numbers are minimum phrase
   frequency cutoffs (how many times a string must occur to be included).

5. Enjoy your new index:

     bin/find-expr wiki-merged.index '<aciimnrttu>'

If you want to set up the web interface, write a short shell wrapper that runs with arguments pointing it at your binaries and data files, e.g.:


     export NUTRIMATIC_FIND_EXPR=/path/to/nutrimatic/bin/find-expr
     export NUTRIMATIC_INDEX=/path/to/nutrimatic/data/wiki-merged.index
     exec /path/to/nutrimatic/

Then arrange for your web server to invoke that shell wrapper as a CGI script.

Have fun,



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