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icons New icons Feb 14, 2010
okcupid-adium Add in the files needed to compile the plugin for Adium Oct 15, 2010
COPYING Added an NSIS installer Feb 12, 2010
libjson-glib-1.0.dll Make installer clean up files a little better Feb 25, 2010
libokcupid.c Add age/gender/location status message to buddy tooltip Mar 27, 2011
libokcupid.h Add support for age/gender/location as a status message when two peop… Mar 27, 2011
okc_blist.c Fix for crash when using 'get info' for a buddy not on your contact list Apr 2, 2011
okc_blist.h Using new API, uses less code :) Jan 30, 2010
okc_connection.c Don't cache/connect to IP addresses if using HTTPS, to remove SSL err… Mar 27, 2011
okc_connection.h Using new API, uses less code :) Jan 30, 2010
okc_messages.c Fix compiler errors from previous commit Mar 17, 2013
okc_messages.h No commit message Sep 13, 2009