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Release 0.4.0

  • Renamed Type2and3 to TransformType2And3
  • Renamed Type4 to TransformType4
  • Upgraded rustfft version from ^2.1 to ^3
  • Added a size-3 butterfly for TransformType2And3

Release 0.3.0

  • Merged each DCT2 and DCT3 algorithm into a single struct that implements both both DCT2 and DCT3 traits, and created a "Type2And3" trait to encompass both. They both require the same precomputed data, so we can save memory and setup time by computing both fro mthe same trait.
  • Also implemented DST2 and DST3 on the Type2And3 trait -- so a single call to "plan_dct2" or "plan_dct3" etc will let you compute a DCT2, DST3, DCT3, DST3 all from the same instance.
  • DCT Type 4 instances can also compute DST Type 4. They implement the "Type4" trait, which includes both DCT4, and DST4.
  • Merged MDCT and IMDCT into the same trait
  • All of the above are breaking changes that will be very relevant to you if you're referring to specific algorithms or writing your own, but if you're just calling "plan_dct4" or etc, not much should be different.
  • Added a DST1 trait and added naive and FFT implementations
  • Added DST2, DST3, DST4 traits, and O(nlogn) implementations for each

Release 0.2.1

  • Removed the pub keyword from some methods on the DCTplanner that should not have been public

Release 0.2.0

  • All of the DCT#ViaFFT algorithms now allocate a Vec for internal scratch space, rather than using a member variable, allowing them to be immutable.
  • [Breaking Change] The process method of all DCT traits take &self instead of &mut self
  • [Breaking Change] Because all DCT instances are now immutable, all DCT instances that depend on other DCT instances take Arc pointers instead of Box pointers
  • [Breaking Change] Because all DCT instances are now immutable, the DCT planner now creates and stores Arc pointers to DCT instances instead of Box, and has a cache of algorithm instances for each DCT type
  • Implemented a "split radix" algorithm for DCT2 and DCT3 that processes power-of-two DCTs much faster than converting them to FFTs
  • Used the split radix alogirthm to derive several hardcoded "butterfly" algorithms for small DCT2 and DCT3 sizes (specifically, sizes 2,4,8,16)
  • [Breaking Change] Deleted the obsolete DCT4ViaFFT algorithm. For odd sizes, use DCT4ViaFFTOdd instead. For even sizes, use DCT4ViaDCT3. Both are considerably faster and use considerably less memory in all scenarios.
  • Lots of style improvements

Prior releases

No prior release notes were kept.

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